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At Ryan field in Evanston, Illinois, home of the northwestern. Wildcats. Northwestern ahead of Michigan with ten seventeen left to play first quarter seven nothing and the wolverines set to start their second possession from their own fourteen yard line. Well, it's just the respond. They've got to come out and put something together a little bit better than we had in that in that first drive, which I was surprised to see two passes in a reverse. This is this is a team that had great success last week of running downhill. Well, they go shotgun with three wide. Receivers scare picked into the Wright Patterson. He's calling for the football. He gets gets the hidden tries the left side, and he will get to the line of scrimmage, and that's about the entire interior that northern northwestern defense Thompson and Miller along with Blake Gallagher makes the stock. They went unbalanced on that play moving joie bushel Beatty over to the left tight end spot and just weren't able to get any push second. Ten wolverines Ben Mason into the ballgame. The bench. He sets at the running back position. They go double wing under the center now as Patterson with two wide receivers. Patterson calling. Gets the snap. Fix the ball to Mason rolls to stripe getting pressure. Throws vol is out in front and incomplete. Intended for people's Jones. And it was hard to join the coverage third down in ten wolverines. Now, they wouldn't play action pass and linebackers. Everybody know nobody bid on the play action pass because there's really no reason to right now. Vala having run the ball. They've actually their offense little offense. After what seven plays now is minus one yards for the wolverines. She rented Rossa and our stats position today. You're as spotter will go shotgun empty for Patterson five receivers. Patterson gets the snap got time. Now he's rolling out to the right trying to avoid the rush. Still looking still looking throws. The ball is overthrown and incomplete again on the run Patterson intended for people's Jones. Greg Newsom that time on the coverage for northwestern and the well reads forced to kick it away again from their own fifteen yard line. Shea got outside the pocket. I think he might have got outside the pocket just a little bit early. He wasn't really flushed. But saw that there wasn't going to be anything downfield tried to extend the play a little bit. And one of the things we've seen him do is be accurate on the run. And just that accurate. Was accuracy was failing on that one. Heart. Standing back at his own goal line kicking away to Riley Lee's good snap cart bombs a kick. And I mean bonds that pushes Lee back to his own thirty makes a move to his right tries to get up field. And he is getting stopped at the thirty five yard line. Was again, another really nice kicked by will heart. We got a flag on the flight fifty three yards on the boot three yards on the kick. Brandon Watson down to make the stop. Let's check the flag. This is Michigan's official sideline warning sideline. Warning. Michigan timeout. So you get one sideline warning in. Michigan has just got it. Wildcats of north western on top of the wolverines seven nothing with ninety four left to play in the first. This is.

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