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Oh everyone and welcome back to the challenge total man up, Casper, the reunion I am Brian Phone here with me as Michael's Algeria Elliot, how are you? You. Know? We're here. We're doing it. I thought this was You know some people message me that this was boring, but I've thought it suited the season I still got my same reunion. Vibes from watching them even over zoom. What did you think yeah I didn't mind it. I was actually Kinda surprised about how much actually happened the season. I think they actually had a good amount to talk about when it felt like. A lot of the things that we see. There was those strategies, so I guess there was other stuff I kind of forgot about all the other stuff that happened. That's actually a segment. We're talking about Oh. That's a second worth. That's worth argument so I thought. Was Pretty Good I. Don't know if we got a lot out of it, but in the moment I was kind of enjoying it so I guess that's really all that matters. It's again almost like it's a price. We pay for having professional reality people as our. Cast always is like no one's really besides like an Ashley or ninety GonNa. Go Rogue, and fully spill the tea so. We, we take. This is sort of a produced reunion. I mean to me. Bananas was as much of a host of the reunion as Vernon Davis. Yeah I mean they really should've just happened. Honest the CTO because they were, they were the ones fielding. They can toss out the tougher questions, so that should just been what the show was. which actually would be pretty entertaining this? One of the cats off the season host the reunion I think that would actually way to go about it rather than bringing in someone for the Pros Joe's version, three point zero season. Yeah I think they're. They're beyond needing a host. I felt the same way they could have facilitated this conversation on their own with like sort of CT and Nisha and bananas like sort of taking the editor, the more level headed people at least this reunion taking the lead, but. It does like once. You officially sanctioned like bananas as the host of the reunion I. Think we've gone too far, but I would be okay with it in a quote to the audience informal. Conversation that is actually host and produced by. All sees you could have done ct because he was offered so little cut. Perfect the way. I think that would have. been as hosting reading. I think that would have driven the conspiracies even further that this was wreck for him the way that it kills. They're even talking about why he's so great. That was one of my biggest takeaways from the union is just like. I know I was hard on ct this season, but like Oh. I missed him like it was so nice to see him. He had a lot of great funny moments from outside. On the show and then the clip like the outtakes also. The one clip of hippy and Mike is also. Let's talking about how great it was the CB losers. Thousand a great moment, so yeah, he he was missed of during the season for sure. I loved the like all right, asked me two or three questions at once I can become. Three questions I bet you could just take off the rest of the hour and all we've. Yeah? No, I feel like that's big me energy anytime. I'm interacting with like Akiva. It A. Stick around for the bill. Do my par-. Leave about. Let's talk about Vernon Davis you know not to enforce gender norms on you but I. have no idea who this is nothing to do with my gender, I don't know who Vernon Davis is Ryan. Hillyard says how did Vernon Davis end up posting? This was the MS busy or It's a good question. I have absolutely no idea it's only we're in his well known football, like unless you really like into the NFL fantasy, and and some of the teams. He's been probably don't know who he is, so I don't know what he's been doing that like. He would have been popping up in the world so this. This was surprising to see hosting this. I am quickly scrolling through speaking of Akiva, Akiva texted me or message me whatever. A very funny thing and the moment passing as Oh. He said Vernon Davis the three hundred and twentieth best player in the NFL so random. He must have a good agent. A. Maybe. He's part of the CBS by stuff like that because now since he's now world. Maybe that's the crossover. If part of the premium show I can't I don't know if he's starting to do that now. BE I. Don't know it's it's very odd. It's very odd. How'd you think he did Otter? Not Honestly don't think he was. Bad I thought HE S. Whether he wants to show another. Probably not it seemed like he at least got good cliff. Notes understand what was going on. I thought the questions were fine I think he. Asked him.

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