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Did anybody watch the Chiefs and Patriots game on Monday Night Football. I that kind of the funniest part. Was that the CBS broadcasters and we are so lucky. I love Jim Nantz. I love Tony Romo. I think they are the best broadcasting pair in football. I love any time I can watch Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. I get so happy because I genuinely think they are the best Broadway in football. They're so much fun to watch. It was funny to watch him keep saying like by the way, there's another game Monday Night Football on ESPN like the Packers the Falcons. I know I'm sure they were obligated to say that I don't know what happened behind the scenes their wage was just funny how many times they pointed out remember you can watch Monday Night Football with ESPN Packers Falcons. I think ESPN was really pissed and they demanded that I don't know just interesting behind-the-scenes stuff. So, The Chiefs beat the Patriots 26 to 10 on Monday night and it was really disappointing because I I don't know that Kansas City won the game so much as the fact that the Patriots lost and here's what I mean by that. First of all the Patriots did not have their starting quarterback Cam Newton. He had a positive covid-19 test month and I mean with Cam Newton the Patriots could have won this game. It's very clear to me that defense played really well. Do not forget Chiefs Patriots Monday Night Football. It was a three-point game in the fourth quarter was 10 to 13 the Patriots losing by three points in this game in the fourth quarter. And a number of miscues were made by the Patriots early on and then in the fourth quarter that caused them to lose by a lot and it's it's kind of it's disappointing. It's frustrating A lot of it was on their quarterback situation. It's one of those things where covid-19 really thrown a wrench into a lot of stuff made the season very unpredictable. But the Patriots here is what happened. They had the ball twice in the red zone and got no points. They had their quarterback Brian Hoyer had a on a third-down. I believe this third-down had a fumble where Thursday West 3rd and 8th and held onto the ball too. Long took a sack. He fumbled the Patriots did not get a field goal attempt. They didn't get any it was really really bad and then later right before half-time Brian Hoyer took another sack where instead of throwing the ball out of the back of the endzone saving time off the clock. Brian Hoyer took a really bad and maybe it wasn't third down that the fumble happened. I honestly don't remember..

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