Brad Siegel, President Biden, Arbery discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Biden is among the top Democrats converging on Nevada to pay tribute to the late Senate majority leader Harry Reid Brad Siegel has more President Biden and House speaker Nancy Pelosi will also deliver remarks along with Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer Singer songwriter Carole King will perform it reads memorial The veteran Nevada lawmaker died recently after a long battle against cancer He was 82 years old Flight delays and cancellations are continuing to disrupt air travel this weekend More than 3000 flights into or out of the U.S. have already been affected today Airports along the east coast are bearing the brunt of the problems as heavy snowfall moved through the area The three men convicted in a shooting death of ahmaud Arbery and Georgia more than two years ago will likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars a judge sentenced Travis mcmichael and son Gregg mcmichael to life in prison yesterday without the possibility of parole under state law William roddy Bryan must serve at least 30 years before he can apply for parole That's the latest I'm Julie Ryan And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom New York reported a record 90,132 new COVID-19 cases today This as the state passed 4 million total infections since the start of the pandemic another 154 people died one of the highest daily figures in almost a year Hospitalizations continued to increase to 11,843 The latest numbers show the hospitalization rate of COVID patients is on the rise again And those facilities are reporting more children are among those admitted with the illness in New York hospital admissions for the under 5 age group rose 8 fold in the last three weeks Governor Kathy hoko picked jano lieber to head the nation's largest public transit system today we get more from Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini Governor Cuomo's sexual allegations scandal and resignation did cast out on who'd end up leading the metropolitan transportation authority and in picking labor Oakley is essentially sticking with Cuomo's choice to help restore ridership hurt badly by the pandemic Lieber has been serving as acting chief executive officer and chairman since the end of July when his predecessor pet foy left to head Empire State development Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio Skeptics who have long worried about a speculative bubble in shares of hyper expensive unprofitable companies are pointing to this week's blow up in rivian automotive as the latest sign that the air is leaking out fast Bloomberg's Greg Jarrett reports Really and a maker of electric pickup trucks briefly surpassed Volkswagen's market value after its November initial public offering even before registering any meaningful revenue Now it's lost 51% from its peak Wiping out $75 billion in value many tech companies that trade at high multiples of expected sales have endured a similar fate Greg Jarrett Bloomberg radio Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Susanna Palmer This is.

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