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The i would say definitely i would prefer not to have higher triglycerides and you carry that gene variations that would imply overrule you'd certainly needs kit your make a six fought stein and try and push up your omega3s i'm so things like fish oils are deals on that but i would definitely focus on consuming more monounsaturated fats from sources like avocados absolutely i do not salute now the other interesting thing where these genes is that if you do have that particular gene variation what they've also advised this particular case but well they also fi apple fine so with the apple five with this particular gene variation if you have a diet that slightly higher overrule so particular higher monounsaturated fats you actually less likely to store too much body fat so you might be somebody who might benefit from a thigh eyes actually slightly higher in thoughts overruled as long as they're coming from the right sort suffice in terms of body composition monounsaturated mainly monounsaturated also miga 3s a great deal entrust him on for you is that the pods gene night again we live in a society where everyone talks about you should be following a thought slowing carbohydrates but sessin genes can give you information about how well you switch from say burning carbohydrates the burning fat so walks lies in fats so some people switch really pull in therefore lowering carbohydrates would be a good thing but if you switch effectively to binding fast and there's no reason to sell crush loa cops and fees you'll genes would indicate that probably you do switch quite well from burning cops burning fat so.

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