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You are welcome. Are do you ninety? Well, you've found that. I'm so glad you remember that detail because that's I would say to people you don't remember. I'm the one who did the liver Samp the mystery you did deliver. So you in bones? Of course, God, you remember everything tell you. I've seen this movie a million times and wasn't they relationship between Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, quite wonderful amazing. Yeah. I love Tommy Lee Jones character, obviously, they did another movie out of it. But Howard's and Ford perhaps. Most beat up movie star of all time, he gets his well, he does his own stunts too. I mean, that's his own damn fault. Did you do your own stunts? I did stunts idell I actually handled the liver samples with. Fingers ungloved. Not sanitary. That's why you're successful. As you are Jane, you don't leave any stone. Unturned? Thank you so much. I go the extra mile the fugitive. So glad we got to catch up on that next one for for Jane, Lynch, your character and forty year old virgin Paula was originally written as a male cat. Indeed. I have a bit of a history playing characters that were originally written for men going all the way back to like high school. I played the king in of a of a short version of the Princess and the pea. Yes, indeed. It was written for a man. And then with my attornal gratitude, Steve Corrales wife, Nancy walls, who's a wonderful. For cell said 'cause I knew them from Chicago said, you know, you have a lot of men in your film on to read Jane for the store manager. And so we improvised together, and we had a lot of fun and Judd apoptosis at oh, we'll cast her. So I very grateful to to that whole crew people forgiving me that job do you? Remember, the song you saying, yes, I do in Spanish, can you? Absolutely. I'll just tell you right away that this is from an AL Spanish dialogue or go as you call it. And it's. Yes. And it's a dialogue. And it goes like this. Cuando me cool. No. And Queen through. Don't they?.

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