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Like a neil young song. It all sounds the same another interesting metaphor. I agree that google and their natural language processing has gotten much better and so they understand user intent better than they did five and ten years ago and they're able to modify what quarrier looking for an understand. What results are matched to that query. Which means that. When you get a search result it's probably more targeted. Now on the flip side. I mentioned before the notion of zero click and also you know some of the voice search results are coming down the pike more and more as well. There's a metrics conversation within the seo community of how do we evaluate the value of seo. When let's say our average click through rate on a search result is five percent so we get a hundred views. We get five clicks. But now we're looking at ten of the views that we would have got the impression that we get our zero click results were. Google is taking a passage from our content and displaying it to the user. Now that doesn't have zero value. People are getting that information. They understand that your presenting it to them but they're not clicking and you're not able to retarget them. You're not getting the opportunity to sell for. You're still delivering the right information to your customer base. Is that something that provides value to me. that's really the big overlap of brand and seo from a marketing perspective is you can distribute your information to year users without actually getting somebody to your website. That's a brand impression right. It's not a seo as a marketing channel impression. So there's a big debate right whether or not let's say the user sees me on the results page but they never click on me. Is that a brand win. I personally think that in many cases it is some cases. It's not. I think it's good if you're ranking for content. I would keep going anyway. And i'll tell you why even though it may not sound as powerful as other metrics google's ranking. It means it likes it. This is content. That likes it's content. I'm assuming it's topically related to your website. You wanna keep going with that because you wanna keep that topical relevancy setup so that when there is a keyword that you can win for or put it this way where there is a cure that you want that does bring in clicks. There is no top of the serb feature there. There's no direct answer or feature snippet or pla's or there's nothing there you can get all the cooks you want out of it. The only way to get those really great keywords like that if it's a high search volume keyword especially you can't go from zero to sixteen three seconds you have to build up so there's content that google sees this topically relevant. You likes content. Keep going with it. Because that will allow google to trust you for that piece of content for that cure that you want to get that. We'll bring in. The clicks like for example. Going back to buy shoes. If over the course of three years you really build up a portfolio of content around shoes and now you wanna go ever covered by shoes keyword. That gets a million searches a month. There's no surface. There is a million surplus for that keyword. The only way to get there is to build up slowly through other pieces of content. He at the end of the day. Google uses and we use this term before it's kind of controversial when as a ranking factor whether they call it domain authority brand reputation the aggregate of all the signals. They have not just about the individual piece of content but also about who the author is. What the brand is that's delivering. That information canopy trusted. Do you outrank from a brand perspective. Some of the other content creators that probably have similar content you know. The tiebreaker ends up being brand domain authority reputation. And that's why there is a huge overlap between brandon. Seo all the other things that you're doing to build your brand to build credibility to build recognition that may you back links which relate as yo that may get your social mentioned that google is going to see those help dictate how much you should be aware you should be ranking when it comes down to search engines results and if you're seeing that zero click placement that's a good signal. It might not have value for that. Specific keyword may be google's taking advantage of being the search engine provider. That means they like you and that's incredibly important in. Seo google together date. Tom mueller from google said. Yeah what happens across your whole site impacts particular page. Yeah i'm at the end of the day. What happens on your site on an off your site. How much people are referencing. It around the rest of the internet in social media links that also has a dramatic impact on your brand and rescue mentions matter links matter muster social media mentions matters social signals. I don't think are one of the official to the. Google counts but definitely mentioned like forget links. Google has said we do keep track of mentions to amazon. A link and you got to mention. I link is better but mentions or great. Something tells me that. Google understands. How influential gary v is. Because of how well he does in social media. That's a signal that they're getting. It's not purely just back links. It's like oh when i look at every single social media platform he's a top ten influence in business and marketing. Maybe he doesn't have the back link profile of the martic dot org. But it's gary v. he's kind of a big deal so when he wants to rank forgiven piece of content my bets he's probably gonna show up based on the strength of his social staples. It's a warm. I don't wanna go down. My seo card will leave gary v out of this and that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with maury oberstein head of communications at some rush. If you'd like to hear. More of morty and sandwiches tips to building an effective organic growth strategy. We're gonna publish an episode every day this week so hit the subscribe button and your podcast app. Check back with us tomorrow morning. We talk about the overlap between seo and social media. If you can't wait until our next episode and you'd like to learn more about more you can find a link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact him on twitter. Where his handle is maury oberstein. That's emma d. y. o. b. e. r. s. t. i n. Or he could visit his company's website in good assem rush dot com slash martic. And since your listener the mar- tech podcast. They'll give you a free month of their guru count. Which is the account that i use. 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