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Under a state of emergency has been declared in Minneapolis says protesters angered by the death of George Floyd a handcuffed black man who died in police custody gained access to a police station on Thursday night set on fire president trump meanwhile is being briefed on the situation Attorney General William Barr and the deputy FBI director updated president trump on the investigation of the death of Georgia Floyd in Minneapolis White House press secretary Kelly mac in any says the president who asked that the investigation be expedited was very upset over Floyd's death at the hands of police officers it was a courageous appalling tragic she also says the president is committed to seeing that justice is served Greg Clugston Washington while some five hundred members of the National Guard are on their way to the city Minnesota governor Tim Walz activating the troops at the U. of Minnesota mayor's request U. S. economy shrank at an even faster pace than initially estimated for the first three months of the year condiments are expecting far worse than the current April to June quarter but the commerce department has updated its first quarter growth estimates and they show the gross domestic product fell at an annual rate of five percent the original estimate was four point eight percent the downward revision reflects weaker investment by businesses in their inventories which was partially offset by slightly stronger consumer spending it's the biggest quarterly decline in more than a decade when the economy shrank eight point four percent in the fourth quarter of two thousand eight during the depths of the financial crisis Ben Thomas Washington meanwhile US appeals court turned down a request by the trump administration to revive a permit program for new oil and gas pipelines that was canceled by a lower court region ending with a challenge to the keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the U. S. the program affected.

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