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Noon. Top stories we are following tonight here at WTO P, the U.S. government announced it's taking steps to ensure depositors at the failed Silicon Valley bank will have access to their money tomorrow. The news from the Treasury Department coming hours before jittery global markets were set to open, stock futures are now way up. The NCAA basketball tournament bracket is out, Maryland and Howard and Virginia, all playing on Thursday. Keep an ear for full details coming up. Traffic and weather on the 8s now. Let's go to rich hunter and the WTO be traffic center. All right, if you're traveling, I am the district new problem one of our listeners gave us this tip eastbound 6 95 just after the exit to go north into the third street tunnel I three 95 northbound. You're squeezing by the crash single file to left the exit to go into the third street tunnel is open. However, if you're going to continue on 6 95, you have to squeeze over to the far left. Again, you're going from three lanes down to one, so be extra careful there. It is a bit of a squeeze. There's still some additional response headed that way. Now, once you're clear that, then you've got the mess that's been ongoing for the last almost two hours now. Eastbound 6 95, before you get down to the split for I two 95 and D.C. two 95, that's the 11th straight bridge. Traffic at last check still getting by center of the roadway past the crash vehicles on either side of the roadway. Again, they were waiting on tow trucks there. If you're traveling over in southeast, Pennsylvania avenue, eastbound, closed between tenth and 11th street for the police investigation and 11th street southeast also closed between Pennsylvania avenue and K street. This has a result of a series police investigation. Again, no word yet when that will reopen

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