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Happen Now and then and then the chargers over the jets. This was a very easy one to pick thirty. Four twenty eight owen. Ten to the jets right now and it would have been a surprise if they won at The jets gave a spirited performance. They were down twenty four six the half and you just wonder if there's another game where the chargers give away the lead doesn't herbert though is a stud three hundred sixty six yards three touchdowns they have hardest thing to find. They have their franchise order back. You can say that the the jets. Probably don't i'm not a sam darnold guy never have been but the jets actually had a chance to win this game. Two minutes left drive. Got down to the chargers. Thirty two yard line That's when they made the one big mistake mistake. And that was a pick six from joe flacco early on. And if you're the jets you can't make mistakes like that and try to win but a couple of have-nots they're going i wanna come back. We'll bring chris rose on the show again to take a quick break. We'll see on.

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