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Virus protections, like providing two billion and assistance to front line health workers and pushing safety measures that protect the vulnerable but also letter economy get back on its feet. But who is new Plotkin, Listening to Neil Plotkin remain silent, is writer smashed homes and businesses in Wauwatosa and even fired a gun into a Milwaukee police officers home? Maybe he's listening to his radical leftist allies who want to defund local cops and let vigilante mob's be judge and jury over police behavior. Maybe he's listening to the liberal governor of Illinois, an out of state millionaires who are bankrolling his campaign. One thing is certain New Plotkin isn't listening to us for friends of Alberta. Darling, you're listening to the Steves Graffiti Show on J. So we're up to Zeta Zeta Tropical storms. Zeta Has formed in the western Caribbean. Or Caribbean if you prefer yesterday morning, so the 2020 Atlantic season is now one named storm away from tying the record set back in 25. Dipped into the Greek alphabet. We went through all the names the regular names Alfa Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta. The next one is data, right? That was all right. Keep an eye on that one. Tropical depression. Number 28 formed about 250 miles south southwest of the western tip of Cuba. Saturday. Early Sunday morning, Tropical depression 28 had further intensified officially becoming tropical Storm Zeta. 27th name Storm of the year. In the Atlantic. Not a but the good record to be setting. Okay. Got a few minutes left before we head out on a Monday. So you better believe we're gonna take a little time for this right?.

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