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Hey listeners if you're a fan of over the road you may also enjoy carrier in immersive audio thriller from Q Code Media. The fictional series stars. Emmy Tony and Grammy Award winner. Cynthia every vote as raylene watts. A long haul truck driver who somewhere along the lonely highway discover. She's carrying more than just produce. Every leads amazing. Cast that includes Martin Star Lamar and Morris Dale dickey Lance rettig and Elliott. Gould Binge all of carrier. Now subscribe wherever you. Get your favorite podcasts. It's todd dill's from overdrive magazine back with another channel. One nine special peterbilt. Three seventy nine worth nine hundred fell. Thirteen international part of a driver's job is to know their equipment inside out. Thirteen speeds sleeper hundred. Four fifty five Walsh Angie with three million six hundred forty two thousand six hundred eighty miles on so today. We'll be taking questions about engines. Gears brakes lights in all else you might want to know about the truck itself over the years of the known to Marcy Radnor Avenue in a peterbilt. Today's Ingrid Brown had no hailing from the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Pratima Kennedy. No come on. I've been a driver in. Breyer now. Company governor for forty plus years. Okay let's.

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