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Three geeky ladies let's talk apple we've got a ton of shows you couldn't possibly listen to this in in one dr so make sure you're checking out the other shows in the network they're producing some great content and it's a one stop shop you want to learn more about your mac some cool products out there for your iphone my mac dot com we've got all of that stuff right now we've got a wifi hub review for a hose a hose you take your garden hose plug it into this and you control it that's pretty awesome yeah yeah yup speaker of us we got up mark sealey did a review file maker pro seventeen i think i'm so on thirteen it's been a while the essential apple podcasts you could see those up there a weekend or meeting bag i mean there's all kinds of computer looking for independent what does an actual mac user computer user iphone you what did they think about these products what is what should i be spending money on we've got a lottery views online so go check it out in our reviews go all the way back to nineteen ninety five some of you weren't even born then so i haven't written a review for awhile because i haven't seen anything wanted to review i've been so busy there's stuff that i would mind doing reviews up but i'm so busy that i just don't have time my mac win and did backup yeah it sounds a lot better your your got your picture though yeah that's still spinning facilities one freaking out on you.

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