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It's been a big week for the driver market and we've already talked a little bit about Nick de vries, but this is he's like the main player. He's actually the biggest player now after you're my Colton Colton and possibly Pierre gasly. It's all still up in the air, but suddenly Nick did raise his number one for Williams, like they won him because obviously he scored points for them. He's proven he can do what he's doing. That's bad news for Nicolas Latifi. But now he's also on Alpine's radar and all of a sudden from no contract he could be going to two. Yes, Alpine is basically the clarin, because why not they may as well have a cracking of just anyone who anyone who likes them. I wonder who will fill the position first. Alpine, their second driver alongside S one O corn, all the football club with the same year coach. Which one will be first, mailbox and neutrals dot com. That is that is one hell of a running race in contingent because I tell you what it's every week and I know it's kind of been done to death this whole PS3 thing. We've kind of moved on a little bit. On the way for the papaya team and we're all dealing with that, but when they keep sort of bringing up the loyalty factor in this then the other very interesting because there's many examples in history of time is not recording drivers the same level of loyalty or respect that they would sort of expect back but anyway. Lawrence Rossi wasn't crossed those deals back in the day, so I don't regret him for that. But what's my point? I don't know. 9906 103. There is another name on the radar now as well though and his name is Jack doolin, the F two driver, Australian. Of course, you know I'm sad of Mick tort doing very well. That's how he's doing. He's a winner in F two now. He's come along very strong actually this season. Second half of the season in particular, he's doing very well. And suddenly, because Alpine might not give peer gasly because alpha towering might not get Colton herder. He's in the frame. Now there is a test this week in Budapest, the hungaroring everyone loves the hungaroring, which did so. Jack do a Nick devries and Colton Herta are all going to be testing as far as I understand it. The Alpine car. Now Colton had is not in the frame for L pain, but apparently they're doing it to assist AlphaTauri in their case to make sure he can race for them so that they can get gasly, so it's a weird, this weird like three way three pointed love triangle situation. But they are statistically and also Jack duan is still in the frame promotion either at L pain or maybe because they don't want to promote him just yet, lone him to Williams, but that'd be weird because then what about Logan sergeant? So it's a real mess. Yeah, thanks a lot Al pain for causing these sort of absolute mess of a driver market, but it's absolutely scintillating. I love it to be because it's very fascinating because it's good for the old roster drama stuff. Who was it that said that then Ricardo should take a sabbatical in 2023. Well, that's right. It was me. Awesome. Oh, mate. I'm not making this up. I said this. I said this. I have to go back and check the time. I'm sure the box of neutrals are too Discord. We'll prove me right. And I reckon that'll be one of my old time greats. I think it might be. Because if all the states are kind of fall and they're a bit apart from L pain, like I really am really strong on Daniel Ricciardo should just be. I'm very big on it, for obvious reasons. As much as Pierre gasly would, I guess, go there and beg would fit, but yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I feel like if Daniel's like, well, do I go back with my Talbot between my legs? Is that how pain? Do I spend a year off play basketball in LA with the snowboarder friend of his I forget his name? And then maybe replace Lewis Hamilton in 2024. At Mercedes, then that is exactly the thing to do. It's exactly the right move to make because you have a year off, reach out to the batteries have a spell, but be guarantee the safe. At the end of it all, which is, which is a win win situation. So I think this is a likely scenario now. It's everyone's everyone would have thought the Alpine thing would have been worked out by now. But clearly, it would have happened a lot quicker, I think. If the Ricardo appetite was there. So yeah, very, very curious situation. On that front and then yeah, just where does it place everybody? So it'll be an interesting driver market because I think there'll be some names that you don't expect to be on there. And if Carlton heard her is on there. I'll tell you what. There'll be a full inquest. Oh, yes. After the end of inquest, obviously. That's priority one. But yes, you're right. It is an interesting one as well. It feels like a weird driver market too because there are clearly enough drivers for seats, and there's enough vague interest, but no one wants to commute. And Williams has made its decision now because it's been wondering for the last month or two whether to replace Latifi or not in for a while. I'm pretty sure they intended to keep him, because they wanted to give Logan cited another year and there's no point starting another driver, but they clearly changed their mind in the last one. Day or two. But now that he's got this offer from L paid, obviously he'd prefer to go to Alpine because of more competitive car. Just no one wants to settle down anywhere and even harsh. Gunter Steiner has talked about the fact that Mick Schumacher is still in the frame, but recently the host caused just been no good and he hasn't been able to show what he can do and it seems like he's still going to be replaced. He might be replaced by Nico hulkenberg, remember him and even Alpine sinking about Nico hulkenberg. This should be enough drivers without having to go back to hulkenberg, although he was good enough. But it's just very wacky. That's very funny that I'll put there, it goes one way for Alpine. Yes, we sat unicorn, but you're welcome to come back. Yeah. Hulkenberg is an interesting one because I'm kind of love Nicole. I feel like he's been done. If we're in an era where we want to get unique div raise where you want to get Colton herders of the world. Then we really going back into the Nico hulkenberg well. Exactly. Exactly. I don't know. I think we could do better about anyway. I quite like Nico. It's like a warm pair of slippers. Well worn. Yeah, but I would prefer a fresher face. In that state, more further rejuvenation of. The other sport. Yes, I prefer a new pair of snippets in other words. Finally, this week, after months and months, years, decades of teasing, Porsche has finally said they won't be joining Formula One with Red Bull at least. Yes. Finally, with Red Bull, they might still be joining Formula One, except the only thing is they don't know how they'll possibly be able to do it because there's no obvious way for them to do it, but isn't Red Bull because let's not forget Porsche's not joining like I used to build its own engines or start its own tape while adding on starting its own team. It's just buying Salva or will. It was essentially just going to buy 50% of everything Red Bull's already done. And then just keep doing it, which would have been successful, I guess, except for the fact that they wanted too much, say, and Red Bull said, I don't want to give you any say, well, particularly Christian Horner, I think. Apparently apparently, did you manage it was big on the deal, but I couldn't get it over the line with the rest of the team. But it means now, well, you know, there's no other team doing the same thing that Red Bull's doing, building its own engine and also being very successful.

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