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Drawing them from outside of the criminal justice done it means that poor people need to get criminalised in order to gain access to them and then when they're in there like as you noted they could you know be taken away at any time kind of as a threat of punishment so it makes the whole kind of social safety net much more punitive but the reason that we get them expelled and sent to prison weren't always clear it was a bit unclear so that it was up to the staff's discretion weber at least for most cases whether someone's if infraction or series of infractions was was serious enough to basically eject them from the program to kind of expel them and if they got expelled they would either be sent back to her role which might likely decide a woman would be incarcerated or to a court which might make the same kind of determination and so those sorts of things like using drugs again rarely got women expelled from the program but things like having a relationship especially with another client so having sexual relationships with another client could get women expelled from the program as could certain kinds of things like refusing to take medication i saw women get expelled for that for committing another crime and getting rearrested that would and not surprisingly get women expelled from the program and some and may be violence but i didn't see that much violence i think it was officially on the rules that violence could get women expelled from the program with a kind of an unsatisfactory discharge but i didn't really see any of that there so i would imagine that that they might take that seriously as well whereas other kinds of things like you know the the woman who you mentioned was able to leave early so the court no longer required her to complete her sentence there and they wanted to keep her in the program they lead lost power over this woman but they did have power over the kind of services they could give her access to so they used that to basically extends their ability to govern her life even outside of the actual criminal sentence which was something that they thought was important i mean they thought it was important to use the services as kind of a carrot in.

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