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Are Bob Novella. Everybody Cara Santa Maria. How Bella? Hey Guys Evan Bernstein. Good evening folks guys show. This show is number seven. Seven seven pool have some significance so way I always forget care. What was the first numbered show you did with us? I have no idea five hundred and something right. It's five something. Yeah it was like how many years ago four years ago now or five years ago. Four resist a longest podcasting relationship. You've ever had we'll relationship. Yeah but my podcast. Has I was doing for a year before I joined. Su So talk nerdy which is weekly. But I take two weeks off in the summer. I'm sorry In the holiday so it's fifty episodes a year. I just put out episode three. Oh Nine Nice. Yeah so you know you guys obviously have been doing it for. What is that fifteen years? Fifteen our in our sixteenth and I've been doing S I. I've been doing for six years over six years and I think I've been with you guys now over five years. Yeah Oh and according to trusted psychic mediums dot com angel numbers. The Angel Number is seven seven seven so I was watching live today. The launch of SPACEX. Yes I watched it to the turned on the cameras and everything two and a half hours right before launch. Start WATCHING YEP cool things. Got The fifteen minutes fifteen minutes. It was actually. It was sixteen minutes and some odd seconds but I actually. I watch for two hours. I watched for two hours. I was such a fan boy when it comes to this. There's something about a remember when I was a kid. I remember like being so into the space missions and just thought it was such an awesome thing that was going on that like the adults. Do you know it was such and such a powerful thing. That was happening so here. Here's a bunch of observations. I made today one the crew arm. Which is the walkway that the astronauts and support grew access. The dragon capsule. It's really cool. It's really cool In there called the white room which is the very last place that they stand before they get on to the module and this this was That name was used before In previous missions where they had to walk the gangplank to get to get out to the The the command module they should play the white out mother in the White Room. I found out something else. I thought was really cool. They USE NITRA CTS to test to make sure the suits are pressurized. What to trucks? Yes so it's a gas that they can detect and what happens is I guess they they? They put it into the suit and the suit leaks. Then a nighthawks detector in the capsule will pick it up And they'll know that came out of the suit so again. They said today during the two hours that I got to watch this. That the suits primary function is to protect the crew from depressurization. So like I said last time I talked about this. That though suits indeed can handle full depressurization which is really awesome and another thing is seats in the Dragon's swivel. Meaning that shorter there in the mode that where they put the astronauts in the seats the form fitted seats and then they swivel them up and back. And that's where they gain access to the interface the touchscreen and analog interface that they have and they get to hold their cat and pettit in their up as they swivel dragon. Capsule WAS DESIGNED FROM SCRATCH. Twelve years ago completely from scratch. Meaning that they they've used. There was no legacy nothing in there. There was all brand new material. And they've been continuously upgrading it and improving it and making it more functional depending on you know if is it going to hold a equipment is it can hold depressurized equipment. Is it going to hold equipment? That needs to be pressurized so I thought that was really cool. It's a really interesting thing to think about when you go back to the beginning of the space shuttle. We're going back to the eighties Yeah degraded anyone feel any anxiety today alongside excitement sure yes. I detected a real cause. I'm not normally anxious person. But I I detected anxiety in me. Well they're starting to think about Seattle starting to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong here and that started i. I kept it in check but it was definitely present and we lived through Challenger and then Columbia all right so first of all. I think the excitement Evan adds to the stress and anxiety adds to the excitement of kind of turns into like the relief. Feeling that you get when you know that they got past the most dangerous part which of course is the take off till they get into quote unquote outer space. Not Saying it's not dangerous there you know when they're when they separate from the booster from the rocket that's a big deal. That's that's good. That's that's when you're you're no longer strapped to a rocket filled with combustible material. Don't be sad. That they scrubbed the mission today they. They did a dry test last week. And this was a wet test because they filled the ship upright. So it's it's a good thing to test. It's just another layer of testing. That happened and you know. We got a few more days for the next launch. I have to admit something though. I didn't realize that they fill the SHIP UNTIL THIRTY MINUTES. Before it takes off. Yeah Yeah you don't want you don't want to the fuel sitting there with adding their at risk. I agree braking evaporate out to some way. There'd be some type of evaporation but yeah I just didn't realize that they can fill those tanks up that quickly which they can so. The next launch is scheduled for Saturday. The day the show is is airing three twenty two PM eastern daylight time but of course you know that's dependent on the weather as well but apparently there's another launch window the following day. It'll be the Sunday will be back. Update.

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