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The four. Raises with Steve big. N becoming interviews. This is Steve. We're back at the races. Our three a little bit in and been looking forward to getting Kelly ruefully on the show and Kelly struck out on her own after some time with Jimmy toner, notably and Barclay tag. I think as well. And she also is comes from the. From the trainer mode of leisure Mati and Michelle NIA because she's got advanced degrees. And probably probably has got you know, parents that that that that wonder why she's out training horses? That's always a possibility. When you when you come from, you know, different walk of life at a high education background she was teaching as well. And she's had just tremendous success. And I know looking forward to. The background of mean other than other than our time in New York with with Barclay, and and with Jimmy, I don't know much much more. She's got interestingly, she's got a three one five area code. And I certainly know I certainly know that from. Go to Colgate. And I'm wondering if Kelly's not from central New York. Kelly rupe? -ly welcome and congratulations on all the success in the last couple of years. Thank you so much Steve. So happy to be here today. Are you from from the Syracuse Utica? Where I am our north of Syracuse right on Lake Ontario and really small area called fan depan. Okay. All right. What is the name of the town? Yeah. A little bit out of the water town. Well, snow is hitting right now. And right, and and just just west of law Ville. Yes. You go at Lloyd's of lawville at I I know I don't the area..

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