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Yeah I'm glad you're doing what Jennifer Aniston. Helen have have a picture perfect kiss. The Internet enjoyed Cardi B. officially needs Cardi e average. Andy goes through the haunted house. Not once but twice is one with Tiffany haddish and once with Liz OBE one hundred percent that Bitch Jason. Momoa makes a rock and entrance onto the Halloween show and in our very own. Mary Connolly's surprised with a treadmill. Yes schauch my mother's very much certainly was my mother. My mother enjoyed it. Oh welcome to go. I'm you're on the go. Thank my guest host today. Mary Kevin and Ed Hi. Everybody welcome back. Mary thank you week. A podcasting without just didn't seem right. It didn't feel right. You're right you're right about the podcast. Casts were pretty good therapy. That's also how about your pay check this week. Oh paychex paycheck take time card reminders. Right welcome everyone here exhausted. Let's let's start. Today was forty four degrees. Did anyone have that and then suddenly. It's beautiful outsiders at just. What time did you leave? I left like seven. Oh and hit some balls at the range. So what do you want to talk about. Start with Jennifer. I mean we have our cup runneth over. Yes you know what I mean turnover. But let's talk about Jennifer Aniston. Okay I just I don't know I just. I don't know not a celebrity more. There's nothing yeah I don't know it's like I know. We've talked about her on this podcast before well. She Co hosted that one time. Yeah but she's she's the sweetest human like she is genuinely. What you see is what you get where where you go? How can anyone be this kind of sort of sweet and cool and let's be honest? We we asked a lot of Jennifer Aniston. We like we enjoy her so much. She's so lovely and we love Yup having here that we ask a lot of her and she always always comes through and she always comes through really big she always comes and sees me too which is really does she. Yes she said. She told me that she's aware that I'm the only straight guy on this. podcast not true. I don't even even. I don't even understand what's happening today. First of all that would imply that Jen listened to the podcast slot a lot of flaws with south. Does it apply back. If you're wondering I was gone I was gone. I'm sure sure I'm sure I'm probably turned it off after thirty seconds when you weren't here But yes JEN Aniston. So yes we ask a lot of her and and she's terrific. She's and she's absolute money and She was here to talk about every person she encounters back like just genuine everybody'll everybody really enjoys her and she's like arguably the biggest TV star you know or or at least in the top five in the world. Yes and when she's here you don't feel any of that right thank Do feel as she's begun to do something that I very much enjoy. I I feel I know what you're going to say but I'm GonNa let you say it anyway and see if I'm right okay. She has begun to turn the tables on elm own a little bit. I like it right. Yeah so and and she did it she did it on this last appearance and it led to one of the greatest moments. It's probably had on the show. Sure how would you describe it. Mary what I would describe is is a couple of weeks ago. Howard Stern was here right? And Howard Stern earn challenged Ellen essentially to a kiss kiss. Well the thing about Jennifer says when she's here when you see our show you know the there's a lead guest everyday was a lead celebrity. The first celebrity on the show and that guest is generally to acts of our show. Yeah sometimes it's one if they don't WanNa game or do any business we just do one act with Emba. Generally it's to acts of the show. We had Jason Momoa on our Halloween show. He was to axe. Jennifer Aniston is pretty much the whole show and she comes like it can pull it off if if we can pull it off. We like to have her stick around. They are so comfortable with each other and they're so engaging to listen to together that it just well they've been friends for twenty years Asia and so and so that comes through and you can tell that they have a real friendship outside the show and it it. Yes absolutely are there. I don't know how many times she's been on but she was on our very first show that we ever tape to sure was. It's possible that friends was still on the air. I think it extended that one extra year our final year I think and then she was on our two thousand show in like season thirteen or fourteen with Justin timberlake. Now we're approaching three thousand shows and she. She was on last May and this October. She's just I just love her. She's just amazing. If you haven't if you haven't watched that episode that entire episode is a fantastic show audiologist. Go check it out. Here's a clip. Jin On our show this week. I had Howard Stern on the other day and you and then you did. His radio show he was in town. Yeah and I think it's I don't know if you feel this. I think it's surprising that we both liked him and her friends with him. Yes as one point we may not have been I think a Lotta people may not have been at a certain he was he was mean for a while he was a long time ago. Who's definitely that was his? That was his angle. Yeah and he's a nice guy sweetheart sweetheart really big drink. A tall sweetwater let tall sweetwater. Dark and handsome sweetwater they were. You GonNa say something else that Howard. I would like to ask how this kiss happened with him. He asked for the kiss. He asked the king. I don't normally just grant anyone who asks if for a kiss but tell me about it. What do you mean tell me how? How was it was it? What did you enjoy it? Were you nervous did you get did you kind of get it into it at all or was it just like. Is this something that's going to turn you on. Do I need to. Why is this important with so many people? Yeah I mean it was it was plus. I mean that was what was the last time you kissed a guy. Why is everyone so shocked? I kissed guys a kiss guys like that. I don't make out with guys kiss guys on the lips okay. Yeah when's the last time you kissed a girl on the lips. I I don't kiss on the lips. No aw this just in friends may of two thousand and four fifteen years ago ago. And here's how you know. I mean that clip is so funny. Yeah here's also know ellen loves JEN. She had gone and presented her that award. Yes and like Ellen Ellen. She jokes with all the time but she will not leave her house unless she truly loves you. So Allen shows up at your party or your Kingston Yeta no I would rather be ellen. Generally speaking would rather be and then allen loves JEN's new show. Oh Gosh way the new one weekend said I need more episodes I. They're like well. It's not edited yet. It is really good. The new one on Apple. Oh called morning show. I cannot wait to see it and for just a future. Tease beyond that. Jen has requested to guest host our program at some point and for the last time she was here she asked me she did and the control. You might not have been in the booth. Sometimes you're not in the booth anymore because you're really. You got a lot going on high powered executive must have missed that one. Yeah but she came in and said he came to me for a future future future teas and asked us to stop doing the podcast. Oh wow the latest you not listen. She doesn't want in earth she doesn't want it to exist. When when that's a request coming from a person like that you gotta listen? You should probably go. So here's.

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