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Loop in Prince George's County after 20 to Landover Road, But before Route 52 Jon Hansen Highway two ladders blocked the right side, with one facing sideways. One of the car struck one of those ladders and lost control. Instruct the Jersey Wall on the left side now Maryland state highways calling for assistance at the scene. For blocking unit to come and help out But for now on the outer loop, Watch out after 202 with those ladders, blocking the rights out of the roadway, you are on it at speed. No issues on the Beltway through Montgomery County between silver Spring in Bethesda to 70 remains clear. Leaving Frederick headed toward the lane. Divide. I 95 the BW Parkway of running well, no issues on route 50 between the capital Beltway and the Eastern Shore in Largo. It was too old to Largo roads out down there. Campus way South. You were under police direction for that particular crash in Virginia. Things are clear as you travel the Beltway between Alexandria and McClane. No problems. 1 66 to speak of I 95 93 95 running well between Fredericksburg and the 14th Street Bridge and Annandale Braddock Road there Ridgewood Road. We have all lanes blocked due to the down wires there. Hopefully they'll get that cleared up pretty soon. But for now, watch out on Braddock Road near Ridgewood Road. No problems in the district on our 2 95 indeed. Si Tu 95. But in Northeast Benning Road is closed both ways between East Capitol Street in C Street as a result of the crash scene there, so use caution and find an alternate route. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance. Liberty Mutual customizes your insurance. So you only pay for what you need, Customize and save at liberty. Mutual insurance. I'm rob store worth. W t o p Traffic Strong Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. I know we're both indoors right now. But I got the sun shining on me through the window and it is nice. It is so nice. You're absolutely right. And the thing is, we're a little warmer than yesterday. And we don't have that breeze that we did yesterday. So it's looking just generally. Better today because of the absence of that wind temperatures will climb to near 50 degrees, which is where we were yesterday. But again, we have the wind so feel like the thirties but lighter winds today temperatures of 49 for a daytime high plenty of sunshine. Now, as we continue into the evening will start to see some of those clouds building into the area Storm system will pass just to the south of us. And we will continue to see some clouds tomorrow through the day temperatures mid forties Sprinkle or two possible, but that will mainly be south of D. C. If we do see anything, and that'll be tomorrow afternoon, otherwise heading into your Tuesday Sunshine returns sunny skies Tuesday Wednesday Thursday with temperatures right around 50 degrees. Another storm system will try to make its way through on Friday, likely just bring us a few clouds may be a springboard to 39 right now. In Washington, Annapolis at 36, Leesburg, 37. Gaithersburg 35. We've got 30 and we've got 36 degrees here at W. T o P brought to you by patient First physicians, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D C Metro area medical centers. It's 9 42 3. People are dead, several others injured after a man went on a shooting spree through Chicago. This began around one o'clock yesterday afternoon when the man 32 year old Jason, nagging, Gail. Entered a garage and shot a man in his car. Chicago police Superintendent David Brown tells us what happened next in Earth, an apartment building.

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