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Details from Kemal's great Hershel to Boeing said earlier he was providing the FAA with more information on its undulating Dreamliners, but that there was no impact on planes already in service. The 7, 37 Max and 7 87, have been plagued by electrical and other issues since late last year, Boeing only resume deliveries of the 7 80 sevens in March after a five month hiatus. The company says it's working. Provide the FAA with additional information and that there's no impact on the fleet currently in service Greg her Schultz Co. Moh news. It's been more than three years since that deadly train derailment near DuPont on Amtrak will soon reserve resume service on that route. Point defiance bypasses the spot where the train crashed on the I five, killing three people. The day it happened was its inaugural run. Now a new system has been installed to automatically slow trains. Going into the curve and intensive training begins Tuesday, a federal investigation found inadequate training was one of the key factors leading to the derailment. Someone whose time 12 10 time for an update on sports from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Here's Eric Heights, Chris Flicks and through seven innings and was backed by home runs by Tom Murphy and Jacob Nottingham. As the Mariners beat the Rangers last night. Five Nothing Four game Serious continues tonight AT T Mobile Park first pitches 7 10, the University baseball team lost a rival Washington State 8 to 1 yesterday. The series continues today at three o'clock and Pullman and on the Pac 12 network. The storm leave the WNBA's Western conference with the foreign one record and have a three game winning streak. Tonight. They host the Minnesota Lynx coach Dan he was says five games in the season. The storm is still working with different lineups. We tried to find ways to win games just just to be blunt with you. We've tried very hard to merge players into our system on to go. We all are. I mean, it's not just Seattle that's doing this game time is seven o'clock and ever. It's Angel of the winds Arena. And the president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is hinting at fans may be barred from venues in the Games Open in less than two months. As covert 19 cases increase fans from abroad ruled out months ago. Sports attendant 40 Minutes past the hour. I'm Eric Heights. Coma news. Husky softball in playoff action right now, bottom of the first with the U. S. Sooners. And it is scoreless. Come on, Whose time 12 11. The nine men killed by a co worker in San Jose, California were highly skilled employees who put their lives at risk. Every day. We're learning and their jobs at the Valley Transportation Authority to light rail maintenance yard. ABC is Kaylee Hartung has the update. These are names. These are people we know and we love and we've seen every single day. Vier working lives, and it really, really hurts down to the very core of our souls. This is authorities released new surveillance video of the shooter during the rampage, calmly walking across the railyard after already opening fire in one building and moving on to the next and now troubling new details about his past. According to a Department of Homeland Security memo, Samuel Cassie was detained in 2016 by border officials. After a trip to the Philippines. He was carrying books about terrorism and fear and manifestos, as well as a black memo book filled with lots of notes about how he hates the V E T. A That's the Valley Transportation Authority, where he worked the victims. All employees there now identified Abdi along Montagne, Adrian by Asia. Alex FRIDGE, Jose Hernandez. Lords Lane Palm Aguila topped age deep, saying Timothy Rome Oh Michael Rood, a Madchen remembered by their colleagues and friends, and we get up every morning safe in the belief that we go to work. That we would come home. To our family and our loved ones. That did not happen. Many of the victims were longtime employees, 20 and 30 Year veterans becoming family and heroes like 42 year old Palm Aguila, who worked as an assistant superintendent. His close friend of 15 years devastated something tonight minute 36 year old light rail operator top tapes Deep Singh Was killed trying to alert coworkers about the shooter. He leaves behind a wife.

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