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How do with a bit of rain possible later in the day and a high of forty eight looking ahead it Wednesday mostly cloudy and very mild with highs back into the mid fifties more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation map less so is our service aid comic Moro the editor and I Monique Kobyla this give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world sixty three degrees at ten o'clock I'm Donavan and here's what's happening after day a record breaking spring like temperatures around the tri state we're getting ready to maybe trash another record again tomorrow accu weather is standing by with a live update a plan to stem the flow of the dangerously powerful opioid fentanyl announced today by Staten Island officials citizens in the early voting state of Iowa not seekers others to impeach president trump but a new poll finds they're not so we could reelect him either and money may not bring you happiness per se but a new study says it does make you more satisfied with your life ten ten wins accu weather a low of only around sixty overnight but maybe some rain and increasingly windy as well like the campsite was nominated for the first after they leave the ravens fourteen six earlier the forty Niners defeated by the ice devils one in Washington lost in overtime in the Rangers trailing in Saint Louis news time ten oh one traffic and transit miss eros across runs moving very slowly heading east sounds a crash heading towards Webster Avenue east bound taking out the right lane those ways back towards the George Washington.

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