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Spared story opening I'm only a Francis facing stiff resistance internally and from Capitol Hill the president has backed off plans to make cuts to foreign aid Constantini report facing push back from his own secretaries of state and treasury president trump has decided against cutting as much as four point three billion dollars in foreign aid the money had been allocated in the recent budget agreement put in at the behest of Democrats and Republicans involved in foreign policy oversight on Tuesday the president was hinting of a reversal of his threat and certain things we can save in certain things it probably could be you know a penny wise maybe it's a Pennywise we'll see but we are looking at it and we have some things that are on the table very much the president has vowed to cut off aid that might get to central American nations from which migrants are coming to the U. S. border Bob Constantini Washington a serial killer who preyed on older game and during a rampage twenty five years ago around the east coast has been put to death fifty seven year old Gary ray bowls was pronounced dead at ten fifty eight PM Thursday by lethal injection at Florida state prison Walmart says it will eventually reopen itself pencil store that's where twenty two people were killed in a mass shooting this month only after the interior of the stores rebuilt or from quite enough of the projects expected to take between three to four months Walmart executives say the renovated store will include on site memorial honoring the victims of the shooting and recognizing the bi national relationship between el Paso and Ciudad Juarez Mexico in the meantime nearly all the four hundred employees at the el Paso store been reassigned other nearby locations the company believes re opening the store is an important step in healing from the tragedy quite word that more than two dozen people have been injured in a.

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