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George Rory back could you will Thomas result all is one of the freshest voices offered and guidance on enlightenment and spiritual awakening he expresses his ideas and very simple clear English and this makes it really easy for people to understand these very deep subjects Thomas's taught a class for the center for lifelong learning through the Santa Barbara City College about his book living the paradox of enlightenment and back in the two thousand twelve V. spoke for the prestigious lecture series minded super mind which is run by the Santa Barbara City College Thomas also talks about conscious creation in a way that might be helpful for many people in here he is back on coast to coast Sello Thomas hello to our thank you so much for having me on our mutual friend Mr Seretse Richard Sir at the highly recommended you to us really that's good to hear yeah good guy we met over the air about gosh I think was two thousand and eight because that's when we first started talking about the Houdini experiment a ha afterlife experiment which actually I wrote for your attention that's right here we are well it's good to have you with us and tell us a little bit more about yourself other than the bio if you would. you know I grew up here in LA grade school high school headed off to college in Santa Barbara spent about forty five years in Santa Barbara and last thanksgiving my mom asked me to move in with her and she had lived alone in awhile and you know my father passed away in twenty twelve so I thought it was a good thing so good for her and good for me so I moved in here it's quite an adjustment for me on the small town kind of guy but here I am in Los Angeles and during all that time my I really worked on science and math and always a long distance runner reasonably successful in that in the sense that I was on the team at UC Santa Barbara and I was really fun and I just enjoyed being up there and hiking up in the hills and playing volleyball and making good friends and it's less there's a look at it in the end you know what's good for you help your mother that's that's something of me my yeah father went in two thousand eleven and my yes first sister one of two I have one that passed also my mother asked her to move in with her just so she could help out around the house and stuff like that then you know to be honest she's the one who's helping me you know she's put a roof over their head out on the table I do it I can you know but she's she's just the champions superstar wonderful person says enough about my mom it's funny that we we moved away but we never really move away and that's true tell us about the book living the paradox of in line. you know we in around two thousand and five I started to go to a teacher in Santa Barbara small group that met every week and when I first went it wasn't like wow this is incredible it was just like hello this is interesting I think I'll go some more and I just kept going and going and diversion I said you know I'm always going to go I'm gonna go every week and went for eleven years and during that time I developed to more and more essays I just started reading one more essays from my website actually started writing essays for my website and I mean. years ago but now they checked up to a new level and so these essays gods integrated into the book and refined and so that's how the book came about and there's lots of things to talk about with you tonight Thomas about enlightenment and spiritual awakening am I what's your take on how you think the world is headed today because there's something missing I just can't put my finger on it but. people seem to be upset up tight it it's just has a different feel to what are you picking that up to I think so I'm not is connected to the main public like you might be but I still think I pick it up more like an intuitive or psychic way you now and there's an anxiousness you know which is of low level type of fear it's anxiety when you can't see the lion is chasing you you think there's a problem that you don't really know what it is and what to do about it you know what I mean yeah that's that's what I would like to point out is it could be like a chick inside an egg you know in your the food is there and you're absorbing the food and you know there's getting less less food and making a little bit anxious because it looks like a good amount of food and all my gosh that's going to be the end to you but you don't realize the changes that are taking place with in you and you're getting a bigger body in a stronger body and now you're going to break out of that shell then you're gonna be into a whole New World full of other little checks and sunshine and things so there's no real way of saying what's going to come. now the word enlightenment what does that mean to you. you know I have a definition that I use and many people would point out that there is no strict definition but this is the definition that I use and we're gonna start I have two points that make this up and we're still with the second point is is a little bit easier for us to get a handle on that. being completely free from all selfish or self centered desire and tendencies. so with that I'm just basically saying being a good person being a kind person being a compassionate person so there's no real all wow that's profound and you know I never heard that before and that isn't going to happen when I say that but it's really interesting that some people have definitions of enlightenment to leave that out completely and it just doesn't make any sense to me to have someone be considered in light and when they're not a good person a kind person. so that's an important point and then the first point goes to a deeper truth that might be a little hard to get to right here at the beginning of the interview without being some foundation but I put it on the table anyway it's being fully awake to the intuitive understanding of your true self as the wind define source awareness to one's self that arises as all terrorist cell. that is probably very mysterious statements we might have to dig into that as the night goes on are you finding that people are trying to become a little more enlightened yeah yes definitely they sometimes haven't urgency about it which you know you can't go about this in the urgent about it you have to relax into it and let it grow naturally but it can really help if you have a little bit of guidance and like I said I started to go to my mentor in two thousand and five and I just continue to go to those meetings and it was so interesting to see him be an example of an has relaxed nature and he's at peace and he's available for kindness and compassion and that was inspiring to me but is also very helpful in understanding some of these deeper truths about who you really are. who are we anyways Thomas well you know the question to one of the points that you bring up on the show many times and that has to do with this this saying that you've heard it goes something like this you are not a human being having a spiritual experience but instead you are a spiritual being having a human experience. you've heard that before put your hands yeah and this is what I consider the first CD spiritual awakening and to rephrase that you have a soul. before that you might think I'm just the bottom cruising around some happens the body that died you know it's the end of me that's the end of your that's your definition of who you are the body at the material this definition of who you are well people like yourself George I hear you talking the other night about your own out of body experience less than years old I haven't been able to duplicate it but I sure have one hello eleven eleven okay so the fact that you had it shows you how to doubt that this material this definition of who you are is it least in complete. yeah there's more more do you have not and so I read lots of books about out of body experiences in near death experiences and conscious memory of past lives through this I came both an intellectual understanding to some extent and I realized that that has limited understanding because only intellectual but I also had an intuitive understanding. and then there's the experience of understanding that you were able to tap into that I have not yet tapped into that the whole of that points to this truth this key spiritual understanding that you have a soul now the soldiers involved in the creation of the body and throughout its entire life the body and the soul are interacting in now tied together and then at the very end of physical life the full drops off I mean I'm sorry that the soul drops the body and the guys discuss the end of that so and now I am does it all over again and again yeah and that shows is that that body is not essential to the full and then when this awareness this awakening happens a lot of people think that this is who they are that they must fundamentally beautiful and what I am suggesting is that we're now going to dig he he's in deeper than that we're going to step back from the full and at that point the mystic finds out that the existing fundamentally that's the power of sentence. they exist as this open capacity for the area. if I may put this in another set of words you know you exist. and you know you were seventeen what I'm saying is that you exist fundamentally this power of sand yeah when you strip away everything it's not essential to what you are you end up with this power of sentence which is not a thing you are not a pain medicine you are not an object that is aware you are not a sentence to dean you are sentenced it's. and this is the second key awakening. when you were teaching your class at the center for lifelong learning what did the students want to learn what were they there for. I would say that they really wanted to relieve their suffering so they wanted to find out why things that they didn't want difficult challenges kept arising for them and this kind of you wanna both have released to that and if you can. prevent these things from arising in the first place learning how to work with them and be a little bit more emotionally accepting of your challenges and then maybe changing some of your core beliefs in a way where these challenges may not arise so sharply. this kind of makes sense yeah elle in but when they leave the class how did they leave it. are they up beat are they yeah puzzle of the got to have the lead. I'm well I would say that I didn't have a lot of students on a regular basis so we were able to deal kind of one on one as the court you know small class allows so they were able to kind of tune in to what I was saying and open up to it I'll put it this way that class was a couple weeks long I forget how long it lasts but even when I heard these ideas I had to go and think about them for months. and some of them I've dealt been dealing with for years so this has matured in me for a long period of time so I hope some of that experience that I've gone to a help me put it on the table little clear so people can get to the core of what it might be that they might utilize more successfully Thomas can you teach kindness or is that within you. for you know.

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