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Educator Ardmore welcome back to the show on radio I'm your host Ardmore and I am being a rollover reporter because I'm here at. The Texas pet-sitter conference just outside of San, Antonio we got a whole. Slate of great guest so enough. For, my yapping let's get this pot t started hey everybody we're, here. At the Texas pet sitters, conference and shirt Texas I keep, wanting to say do I have. A shirt on but it's not spelled that way it's s. c. h.. E. RTZ for all you big spellers out there but I'm delighted. Because our next guest is the remarkable. Kathy Delaney she? Runs, the, show, for, naps naps is she sleepy no no no no. Nap stands for national association of? Professional, pet sitters and did I do, that right Kathy Welcome to the show. Kathy thank you so much Arden, all right so why should I. Even care about hiring a professional pet-sitter you know the neighbor down the black and do it oh no no the neighbor down the block cannot do it while they can actually but you. Want to hire a naps professional pet sitter, you wanna make sure that that individual is. Certified insured and bonded yes you could certainly hire the kid down the street for seven dollars for the entire day that's not what. You want you wanna make sure that your, home and the animals are. Cared for while you are away, that's, right because the kid might get distracted and go somewhere and, the. Poor little dog and cat, or practicing absolutely God forbid something, were to happen you know what. Happens if the animal gets sick eat something that it shouldn't get into. Some sort of toxin or whatever you want to have someone who. Can handle the situation no matter what. The situation is? What, I, like, about, naps besides not taking a nap is that you. Guys are always learning and continuing? To Educate your. Clients so. You got something coming up April absolutely we have the twenty? Eighteen annual forum and we will be in Atlanta Georgia. The good, thing, about this conference Arden is you do not have to be in, Atlanta of course we'd love you to be there. But. You can participate virtually yeah live streaming is the way to go. Rap, -solutely you can sit in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas and watch. Us there in Atlanta we're. Really really looking forward to how do they find out more about that on our website WWW. Pet sitters dot org okay so this is your first time to the Texas pet sitters conference tell me your. Impressions. It's awesome it really is this. Isn't been a really? Great two days I've learned, a lot I've met a lot of professional pet sitters who are either naps members and we. Reconnected or are looking forward to, being naps members so it's really. Been beneficial for us and we have to disclose listeners I actually do their digital magazine for the national association A. Professional pet sitters every quarter so I loved that job but this is the first time you got to meet my team Casey and. Kona the pet safety dog and cat so what's your impressions those two. They are absolutely everything that I wanted them to be I would I had. This thought in my in my, head of what your presentation was going to be like and what they were like and they you just, knocked it out of the park which. I. Knew you would all. Right well. I'm, glad. To call you my friend and folks if. You want a professional,.

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