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Of the top stories for investors in the coming week. Now, let's head of the nation's capital where battles being rage with special counsel. Robert Muller's full report on the Russian election interference, Bloomberg Washington bureau, chief Craig Gordon joins me now from the nation's capital and Craig so the attorney general says the report will come out next month where does that leave this fight? Well, it's very interesting because attorney general William bartering his confirmation hearing never committed to releasing the full or sort of the redacted for Muller report. He had always left the idea out there that he would do the two. Steps one. He did already which was to put out a short letter summarising the principal conclusions of Mars report. And then he would release a second sort of a summary longer summary of what what else was in. What is report many people, including Donald Trump, Jerry? Now, the head of the House Judiciary committee, a top democrat, Senator Lindsey Graham, top Republican on the judiciary side on there. But all said, no, we need to see a version of the report we need to see Robert Muller's own words, you can leave out the stuff about grand jury. Testimony leave out the stuff about future investigations that are still going on. But we really need to see what Robert Muller said. And you know, how he said it and attritional bar said, okay? You get that. He is going to release a redacted version of the report he said, it's a pushing four hundred pages sometime in mid April bar also agreed to come and testify before congress about the investigation in in the first week in may and so both of those things where. Things that we, you know, a lot of people in Washington were hoping would happen was never clear that they would happen attorney. Joe bar now says, Yep. I'll go ahead and do it. Now is that likely to make the Democrats happy? I mean, look, you know, we were talking about this in our newsroom this report, you're going to if it is let's say as four hundred pages there could literally be fifty one hundred some very large number of pages that are just a giant black box covering over the words of the report because we know that mother did do a lot of very, obviously, very confidential interviews. There are a lot of pieces of the motor investigation that are sort of still arms of it that are still continuing. And then there's some, you know, even classified information that was likely reviewed by Muller, perhaps foreign wiretaps and such like that. So there's there's very high potential that a large number of pages of this report will be completely redacted completely blacked out. And I have a feeling we're going to see some conspiracy theories spring up around that what did mother. What did what did bar leave out at cetera? But the goal here does seem to be to have as much of a full accounting of the narrative of what mother investigated what he found why he decided there was no collusion. Why he decided he could not prosecute Trump on fraction of Justice. Even though he also said he couldn't exonerate them. And I think bar I think bar certified public pressure, you know, most. But a lot of time almost two years getting this the public kind of wanted to know what he found out in the bar seems to be saying, you know, what I'm going to do my best to put as much of that report out as I can in mid April. Now, I can understand why they would redact a copy that would go public but us Mr. bar suggesting that these lawmakers can't be trusted. Well, it would actually be right. The truth. I mean, look if if if William bar a full unredacted copy of the report to congress the reporters in the Bloomberg newsroom and every other newsroom in town would have it probably within hours. I'm afraid to say congress is kind of a leaky place as goodness for people for journalists like me and my team, but but maybe bad news for for Robert Muller. So, yeah, I do think there is an understanding that, you know, the full congress can't get to see the full mother report. It is possible. And what often happens a situation like this is that they will give a more classified confidential briefing, sometimes known as the gay of eight which is essentially the leadership in the two houses to that'd be Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell in the Senate, you know, some of the Intel chiefs, and such with who are people with higher security clearances, people are trusted with some of the nation's secrets, and you know, they may get to see the the more the more of the full report. But the idea of handing it to five hundred thirty five lawmakers unredacted that would be it would be on the streets. Within within hours. No, I seem to recall also that one of the other options that they've used in the past is sort of a reading room where the lawmakers go in. But it's for their is only, basically. Yeah, we've heard no talk of that. But that's true. There have been some recent instances where it's it's actually a room in the capitol known as the crypt and is a locked room security guards. It's sort of a top secret room. And you can literally go in read the report, you don't get to take a copy. You don't really even get to take too many notes, you can serve is only. No talk of that yet. But I do think we're we're really just getting started. I mean for bar to take the step to say even releasing a redacted Muller report, which she had never promised to do before is a pretty big step. And as I say, I think a recognition on his part, and I would say wisely that that the public is. You know, does have some right to know what mother spent two years doing and what he found out Bloomberg Washington bureau chief, Craig Gordon. Thank you very much coming up on Bloomberg daybreak weekend. Investors returned to Wall Street.

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