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Man, I had a great experience last night. I hope you did too. If you show up to the beer club from Mr. on's it was awesome. What a turn out it was. And for the first time in many years, we've been doing it there. It's been what three years to. It's been crazy to three whatever. My wife said, I'll handle the kids. Why don't you hang out and have dinner there? It I was able to hang out and have been, I ordered the emperor's cut. It's the fillet I got the, the garlicky noodles, I got the fried rice the salad with ginger dressing. I don't know. I've gone all kinds of different Japanese restaurants in my life. Mr. Ron's has the best ginger dressing on the sale that I've ever tasted the soup was phenomenal. It's like the Michaud soup with the thinly sliced mushrooms. It's so good. E- every every single one of the hibachi meals comes with a couple of shrimp on it as well. It's the an eventual 's against the garlic butter. It's just delicious food. So is able to hang out on the patio. Mr. last night. With some great friends listeners and their friends and just scarfed down that food and it was a little breeze. Coming through. It's at oracle in Roussel, Mr. it is so nice. So I'm telling you is that it's Friday you ain't got. No job. No place to go. It's right listen. What a great Friday. What a great Saturday or Sunday dinner for the family for you in the hunting go to Mr. Ron's, the food is so frigging good. And it's a great place to great local place, Mr. on is a great guy supports everything in the community go, there, have a great meal. See the menu they've everything from Senator on the tip on table to hanging out in the bar area for happy hour and the patio. You have options. See the menu at Mr. onto sun dot com..

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