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Blue gets you rack hard boundaries dog. Yeah. Whatever I put my hand out with spread five fingers. That's Jim painter influence quick comedy. I told them I said he did a terrible job. He wasn't gonna bring him anymore just to get his head painter. Anyway, we're back to Dyson. I said that Jim didn't do a bad job. And look what do you mean? Did find it. Well, like told me the terrible I told him you said he terrible. You wanna bring him goes? Damn Dammit. it. No. I gotta go with that. Understand that how committed he is to the troll. He was like Z. My troll troll. But I believe in the power of the troll. So I have defend something that I wouldn't normally do because I get it. That's the prank. So I didn't know at the time. He was like that. I just knew I just knew something was up with that icon tact. Anyway, the people left the fans left the we're all sitting around talking. I don't want to say anything. But if I was wrong what if it was wrong. Then dice, assumes I left. He just goes. Did you get me in it at all? And I go no, maybe shoulder, and he goes good boy. I got it. Right. We we fuck in with their telepathic level Mehan dice and for once I was neck and neck with one of the greatest trolls in the world has ever seen. I was right there with him. I was helping being Tiger Woods caddy when he won his fucking fourth major in ro. It was a joy it was joy in my comedy career. One of the joys. Anyway, why the reason I say that is that telepathic connection? I looked Zaka Meco in the naked rose Dick's hanging out. My Dick's hanging out. I've got this Cup of piss. He's got he's got a dollar Bill stable to his forehead. I believe one staple to his chest and once stable to his arm. And we're looking at each other. And with his is he saying do it. You know, it's the right move. Do it. And with my eyes. It was like you. Sure with is again, no movement at all. But staring directly at me. He said, yes, it's the right? Move comedic -ly. You should do it. So I through the Cup of pits in his face..

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