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Electrical contractors come to grow. It's 5 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Jack Taylor and the traffic sim. Callers, thank you down in brandywine the wreck. It's on 5 and three O one coming northbound of near shortcut road. Sounds like just the right lane is going to be getting by this crash. Otherwise in Maryland, you're looking good on the beltway, no troubles yet, through Montgomery and prince George's counties. The earlier activity on the outer loop in prince George's county was beyond, Kendall worth avenue headed toward route one college park, some flashing lights over on the right shoulder what's left of an earlier vehicle fire. Two 70, you're still fine south coming out of Frederick, riding down toward the lane divide the work zone with 70 east had a myersville that should be wrapped up. Looking good on the stretch from Frederick headed to the lane divide no early delays were quiet on that stretch of two 70, no trouble yet. Yet 95 or the bottom of Washington Parkway between the beltways. We had an issue this morning early. It's in Virginia out of rest and it was a pedestrian crash, glade drive is closed both ways between rose down drive and Laurel glade court. 66 is fine, Gainesville is to Rosalind, 95, a few more of us on the road, but so far good without delay, falmouth headed into Springfield, just as nice on three 95 so far from the beltway, headed to the 14th. Downtown, we'd been quiet. Sounds like we've got some police activity reported along South Dakota avenue up near Perry street in northeast. Here you may find yourself again under police direction. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Now 7 news first alert meteorologist Brian Van de Graaff. Pockets of fog early on in spots, otherwise a partly sunny afternoon with temperatures in the upper 70s, probably the year 80° for

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