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And i think it's getting to as competitive as i think they can be The six the reason to this god luxuries double. It's got two reasons. One is to make it one drop because if they were threes you would have six units in bowel regimen. So you'd have to be to drop. The second is now. I one one is preferable to because of cross they can't take that screen off the table if it's invoiced and so. I think it's super important because you won't them on the front line you don't want to be up to take the screen off Than shoot juicy stuff behind it with the rim crossbows. So that's that's the reason for that The kosta is in this list. Fi fan as general because you'll flipping tides and so this is a enclave specific thing while it's not. It's tied cost specific thing. They have to be the general to do this. But what it lets you do. Basically changes the order of the deaconess agents abilities so instead of getting cover running adriana shoot fight. I retreat josh regains Cover basically you start on running charge run-and-shoot then you fight test then. He got to retreat. Josh retreat and shoot. Then you go to college then you have to run a job but then he enclave combines that so whenever you would be affected by the retreat in dodge you get affected by the running judge. Run-and-shoot say you you lose the ability to ever retreat. John drayton shoot by you. Get three battle. Rounds of ronin josh run-and-shoot and whenever you get your also re rolling once for any like everything in the army and extend that you've extended the role pace. Yeah and it shooting and combat which is why. It's important for the raiders. So ten one. You can run and shoot andy. Rowing wants to hit. Ican can run ajayi rolling ones hit and then straightaway don't tend to in your whole army fights best using losing the rewrote ones. But you hold on these fighting first.

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