Middleton, Bill Hudson, Editor discussed on Revisionist History - The Foot Soldier of Birmingham


So here we have a foot soldier in the middle of all the mayhem cutting through the noman'sland towards a sidewalk and middleton's german shepherd leo lunges at him that's the moment bill hudson captures in his famous photograph and ron mcdowell captures in his statue the confrontation between the innocent footsoldier and the snarling face of racial oppression bill hudson's editor says later that he picked that particular photo out of the many taken net day because he was riveted by the st louis com of the young man in the snarling jaws of the german shepherd here's where the story starts to get complicated this was an interview today saturday may 20 v ninety ninety six at the very so rises with mr walter casting of atlanta georgia okay how did you get involved in the civil rights movement there's one of the the the i always april with i never give the civil rights movement walter gadsden is the bull in photograph the one bitten by leo he's a mysterious figure he was interviewed at the time of the photograph by jet magazine back in 1963 but only briefly from timetotime other people have come forward to say that they were the one the photograph not gadsden but those claims seem dubious meanwhile gadsden disappears people try and find him in can't all that seems to exist is this oral history that you're hearing done in honor the unveiling of ron mcdowell statue and the interview is strange because it doesn't go the way the interviewer thinks it's going to go.

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