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Raw, I think Vince left for just long enough where he comes back. And now he can't deny it. Yeah, it's just like, look it up. Look at him. Even though the music, the look, the style. There were reports that Vincent tired of him. He was going to take the belt off and then Vince got kicked out. But what's crazy is, is that he's the prototypical Vince guy. Well, he's the foreign. Yeah, but hated xenophobia. You could play that to the crowd. This is the people Vince used at the late 80s. Yeah, but then he would have just been a job for Vince. No, these guys were champions until hulkamania ran over them. That was their only purpose was to lose. But they held the belt for a while before. I mean, IMC held it for like a hot second. Hogan took off. We're still talking about the Sheik. Well, she made his own little pass. But I think if you continue to play your cards right and you have Gunther and Roman cross paths, like I don't even know if the bloodline will still be intact, but Gunther versus Roman at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble or if Rome is going to have this thing to WrestleMania, Gunther is a one guy. Aside from code, he's the one guy that could beat Roman, I don't think anybody would be like, oh, that's fucked up. I think everybody would be like, perfect. Yeah. That's great. He's overly like, it's weird. 'cause I don't know who's believable enough to take that icy title off. That's my point. He's reached that level where the mid card title is kind of supposed to float and build the next he owns it. That's his. He might have to just fuck around and vacate go for a major title because it's not even believable for anyone to take that belt off of him. And he said it on raw. He was like, no, there's no one even here great enough to challenge me. This is ultimate warrior Hulk Hogan with heels. Because when warrior Hogan had imagined they were both baby faces, I remember I'll never forget. You know, anybody watched the documentary is about WrestleMania. Like Vince was like, I don't like two baby faces in the main event. We'll see how this works. And it was huge for Toronto, everything else. I'm sure eventually be like, I don't know if I should have two heels for each other. But Rome is a heel, but not really, right? Because everybody cheers and pops when they see them, go with the other on the other hand, is a heels heel. I'll tell you this. When and if Cody goes over on Roman and completes the story, I don't care whenever it happens. Gunther's hunting. Oh yeah. And planting the seeds from the rumble and everything else. Trust, he is beating Cody at some time. Yeah, so now that the champions as a whole, it'll be an interesting show to watch ten in the morning on the West Coast, which is I'm like, perfect. 'cause we got double or nothing in the next day, long ass day. And it looks like they're going back to Bianca and Asuka. Which I was pleasantly surprised with, 'cause I was like, who the hell is Bianca gonna work next? Obviously coming back. Yeah. I like, I love you Alaska. Yeah. And that program is not over. Fine. Sure, go for it. Looks like EO may be breaking away from damage control. Check their body language. Some things are falling into place. Some things are not. We shall see. Becky came back? Yeah. All right. Finish that. Finish the Becky true story. They teased Becky versus mommy on this one. Yeah. Because Rio is watching her on the screen and you know you got to go that route with Rhea. Yeah, they're dropping little hints now. Yeah. Teasing what's next, and for so long WWE, then again, this is where I understand Vince is the head of honcho. We know this now. So he dies. He is the head honcho. Use the man. But the one thing that came from this 9 month lengthy suspension is there's these little Triple H isms still where there's breadcrumbs. There's little things to try to make the weird shit in Vince's head. Makes sense. Makes sense. Church is just like running behind them. Like, oh, let me do this. Let me do this. Just trying to piece together the dumb shit in Vince's mind. And that's okay. That's all I needed. I was like, Vince being a horrible human being is just somebody to connect the dots where Vince is fucking up. And that's all right. Give me that. Because Vince gold every now and then. And the in between give me someone who's going to make the other stuff makes sense. Yeah, the spaces between Vince's brilliance just gets bigger and bigger as he gets older. It's like, oh, he'll hit one next year. And they'd be like, you know, hit one another for a woman out of a park. Well, yeah, he had to turn him heel. But the only reason that Roma turned heel, there was like a number of things going on. You got cancer, got a pandemic. Yeah. Like he needed a complete rebound. From cancer and making him a heel off rip. Are they going to make him a hill for it? He did. Bray Wyatt. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. He came back and worked Corbin it made you. The pandemic because he was immune compromised is the reason why it didn't work the pandemic because you remember ah, yes. Yeah, and then he had to disappear and then once things got better, he came back then he turned and turned down. Because yeah, he came back, he had to be a baby face. Yeah, yeah. Joe. He was Joe. Yeah. And he had to, which was weird, you fucking work Corbin. His last man would be. No, no, no, wait. You work drew. And that WrestleMania.

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