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This is the fusion patrol gassed. Each week we look at a different science fiction tv episode or movie and over analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and happy new year. This is another another episode of fusion. Patrol i'm eugene simon and we're looking at the new year's day special revolution of the dialects. And here's my preface warning you know. It's new year's. I watched the episode with my family. I plan to watch it again. After i watched it with my family i changed my mind and decided not to watch it again therefore i took notes therefore i did my Summary for memory. Summary goes like this. That idiot from arachnids in the uk is back and with the aid of a corrupt politician. Ambitions to be prime minister steals the dead dollar from a previous new year's special and with the help of a whiz kid turns its design into an ai powered security drone called security drone. One could possibly go wrong. The doctor has been put in prison but as every doctor who fan knows. The doctor can trivial escape from any prison. Unless they don't captain. Jack harkness breaks out of prison with trivia lease jack's back on earth. Yes has a chronic obsession problem. Graham and ryan have recognized the design of the new security drones. Convinced he has to help investigate. They confront that idiot from arachnids in the uk. But get nowhere. The doctor jack arrive. And everybody's all pissed at the doctor for being gone for ten months. It's nice to know that the doctor so-called fam- don't give one passing thought for the decades that the doctor has just spent in prison. It's all about them them them. Meanwhile whiz kid was stupid whiz kid and cloned the dalai creature from cells he found in the original casing. Of course it turns him into a puppet luckily for the dalai creature a dialects entire memory are stored every tiny little fragment of a because. That's how memory works with tartus magic..

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