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I check this out. I know a samurai sword can swing speed of one hundred miles per hour by a well trained human. The ninja ninja sword that leonardo has actually lighter than a samurai sword okay so don't ask me it it the exactly but is shorter and it can be sweating slider so oh if that can be powered by regular human who's well trained. Leonardo probably swain at least twice as fast. So how hard would it be for him to hit. Buffy swing between the thing the sorts twice speed of <hes> well trained human while also possessing way more power as well so even with buffy enhanced durability. She's gonna please please be cut and damaged by leonardo and probably outfought because of his speed. That's my point number two and i mean partially well argued on your part. I like the fact that you actually a for the first time in a long time actually brought some real feats an actual examples of your work instead of just making things up having a pure conjecture so i'd like to say you're growing and james. I really appreciate it. Just kiss already talking. No one wants to see that let's talk about. Let's talk about your calf. It's not a visual medium eighty among describes the kiss you described as being having a speed on a different level than buffy and to that i agree. It's a much lower level of speed compared to buffy. It is a a different level. Buffy is described through all of the guides and all of the media that i've been using as having superhuman speed as having definitely above peak human human definitely to a level of superhuman speed and i've got some examples of point number three to back that up leonardo and the other ninja turtles are described having elite olympic level speed strength endurance agility etc so if you have one character who has olympic level a human size level of powers and you have somebody who who has a super level of powers. We've encouraged this in a battle before we've incurred this. You have to give it to the person who has the superpower so the fact that you think that leonardo is faster than buffy when i've got some examples right here that your examples are adorable and don't get me wrong but buffy does that before breakfast generally early on most days. I've got to ask you so where where did you because there's different listings of strength levels levels and all that which which version of teenage turtles are you referring to when you say olympic level because the w versions that are clearly superhuman well since you're using all the different level. I am not the name using your example. I'm using the i._d. W current innovation and i can look up example from that but i would just say much like the way facts working james when a hip you to something right now. When someone tells you a fact sir you often remember the fact but not the source and this is how the fake news purveyors of the world thrive through the human brain is the fact that people remember. Oh i do remember x y i in z. I don't remember where i heard it from whether or not they are reputable what i would say is i looked on some guides that chronicle characters that i looked powers abilities and what have you through the magic logic the internet and the big guy that i had that laid out all of the different like how they would rate the different abilities referred to the ninja turtles having olympic caliber feats but i would say right now that's great. We can even talk about if you think that that's where leonardo is. I'll have examples important number. Three of how buffy is so much more than that all right so we'll agree to disagree which means i'm correct gino..

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