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Will help people understand the baby weight in the body worn and various disciplines were operating around the world and the Congo screening canine alliance so cargo screening K. the number nine dot com is soul spell to one word altogether kago. screening K. the number nine dot com we'll explain about the Congo industry and how we brought all these companies together just service the private sector the TSA's Congress being program okay excellent and we will make those available on the site for our listeners so that they will have those links. yeah hi will thank you so much Paul for being with us and we hope you'll come back and tell us about future projects that you're working on because I can only imagine what you an Auburn are going to be up to next no absolutely any I'd love to talk in more detail we have an event called the U. S. canine by ask long I hear out our academy in Anniston Alabama which is the eighteenth and nineteenth of may there will be over one thousand dog teams coming here to take on a full mile challenging coals whether it's the people with the domestic pets search and rescue please all military is so is an event that brings everybody together over that weekend so please let them go on and go to the U. S. K. not by Athlone dot com to learn about that event and we and if you want to come in and help us and take pots and see the academy that would be a good place to do it while loving and I may take you up on that that sounds wonderful right thank you thank you Paul and thank you our listeners for being with us we love to hear from you so please keep your comments questions ideas coming you know lovey.

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