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Broder Gino Spruce, Brody, Joe Satriano discussed on The Brooklyn Boys Podcast


He was a spruced up. I'm a right rock. The Bells Eighty Nine L. I. Rock the bells of my radio and I need Lovin all those songs but you say my fake like Song Writers. My favorite collage see. That's the problem with David. Broder Gino spruce is a big fan of DEF leppard. You are college. Def LEPPARD awesome all may take brody thought. Yeah Human I you brody was trying to get me to say things. Were going to make me look like a racist. I wasn't I refute. No but I know. I've got more in common musically spruce youtube arm. But that's but that was what the stock was some stuff. That person is usually a little like this guy. Joe Satriano one of the greatest guitarist. I can't relate to that that's you. I can't relate to the did the. Dj's you listen to that. Just go to clubs and hit the play button on their MP three player. That's a bit. It's whatever but I don't criticize your music artists. You like performers I do. I like people that write and create and play their own instruments. Yeah you like people at program their own music. And that's fine program. Initially who's your favorite? Don't say beastie boys that's a good question though too scary. Who's your favorite artist? You would allow you to great love. You see what I'm looking to share that with a spurs alarm push push push who else because you're not a youtube guy no lipponen now you like you just have some black friends. You decide block. France let love by love. Brockton looks up big fan huge fan up on four one album. What album is houses of Holy on? Oh it's not on how the.

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