Iran, Rhonda Mcdaniel, Senator Joe Donnelly discussed on John Reid


Friend of mine until I ran for office. Once I ran for office, we diverge slightly, adding we turn the country around the country was going down, President Obama in Gary, Indiana. Unlike some people don't just make stuff up when I'm talkin supporting democratic Senator Joe Donnelly. Maybe there's a job training program. If somebody gets an apprenticeship both presidents, call the election important correspondent Chuck Sivertsen. The latest ABC news Washington Post poll has Democrats by eight points on the generic ballot. But as we learned in two thousand sixteen you can't always go by the polls right now, the consensus seems to be Republicans keep the Senate, and maybe the Democrats take control of the house, but RNC chairwoman. Rhonda McDaniel says it doesn't have to go that way literally election day voting is going to determine the balance of the house. They'd say there's about twenty seven seats within the margin of error. Obviously we have had had wins with forty four retirements and the historical trends on the house. But I feel like we can still keep that majority. She was on ABC over on CNN DNC chairman, Tom Perez says that American workers would be better off under the Democrats people need to feel that if they work a fulltime job they're actually able to feed their family and not tread water. And that's what's happening across this country, complete coverage of the return. Tomorrow night here on sense and wins wins. News time seven ten now. This needs hire save Navis discount tire. Log on and save Mavis tire dot com. Fifty one degrees. Cloudy, some rain and drizzle out there. It's seventy six percents Windsor east eight miles an hour. It's fifty one and we're going up to fifty four in midtown. Bad one of those death to America get togethers in Iran over the weekend after the US reimpose sanctions on Iran. Israel to those were the sanctions that were lifted under the nuke deal. The Obama administration agreed to in two thousand fifteen but which the Trump administration has now terminated Iran..

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