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Fort Hood when she was station is hiding details of her death. WeII. We start with President Trump in Florida at Southern Command. He was there to highlight the enhanced anti drug trafficking operation in the Caribbean, Eastern Pacific near Central America that he announced in April. We're taking the fight directly to the sinister criminal cartels and we're showing them no mercy. We are doing numbers like nobody thought possible. Even the admiral, he would say that he would have never thought this was going to happen to the extent that it's happened. Our message is clear. You will not threaten our citizens. You are not poison our Children and you will not infiltrate our borders. We will find you. We will stop you and we will put everybody that we find Behind bars. If you're lucky, the results of this historic international campaign had been absolutely phenomenal. This joint operation has resulted in the interdiction of more than 120 metric tons. Does anyone know how much that is of illicit narcotics that is in massive billions and billions and the arrest of more than 1000 drug traffickers? These actions have denied the cartel off billions of Gaius cartels of billions and billions of dollars in cash and prevented the loss of untold American lives. And we've seen the results in the United States in a single four day period in May are courageous Coast Guard men and women stopped three narco submarines packed with poisonous drugs, keeping thousands of pounds of lethal narcotics off of our streets and off of our city areas. We got rid of it. We got it. We have it and I don't know what you do with it. What do you do with it? By the way, you get all that stuff. You dump it. What do you do with it? I want to hear what do you do with it? You blow it up, just dump it someplace they burned. That sounds like a good way of doing it on behalf of millions of American moms and dads. I want to express our country's pride and gratitude for your lifesaving actions. My administration is committed to ensuring you have the tools. The resource is equipment and support you need President Donald Trump at south com in Florida, The Miami Herald reports. The visit to Darrell, Home of the largest Venezuelan community in the U. S. Is also a nod to his Latin American policy since the military operation was also announced as an attempt to cut the funds going to Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela. And there's also this from the paper. The trip to South Florida also comes after Trump recently made comments about considering a meeting with Maduro, which angered many Venezuelans. The president met with supporters at a local church there, and he tied these issues to his re election campaign. Well, my administration as you know, it stands with every citizen of them well in Cuban, Nicaragua stands with the righteous struggle for freedom. The Patriots here today fled socialism to find freedom and socialism and other things you know, and step beyond socialism in many cases, and now Joe Biden and the radical left and trying to impose the same system Socialism plus In America. Biden is a puppet of Bernie Sanders AOC. The militant left the people that want to rip down statues and monuments to George Washington. Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Frank, Jesus Jesus. They want to rip down statues to Jesus. So we're dealing with a group of people that they will not win. They will not win at all. But this election coming up is a very important one. They used to say, 2016 the most important and maybe I'll still say that. But this is equal to that. This is equal because we need that extra time to have. It seemed like a tree. You move it. It has to grab on. And that's why I appreciate your old being Your great leaders and I appreciate you being here. Nobody will be safe in a Biden America, But Biden doesn't know what a bite in America is. If you ask him to define it, he wouldn't even know what it is. But other people do. And he will have radical people running that He'll be choosing a vice president who will see what ends up being. But he'll be choosing somebody. But even that person won't have as much to do with running the countries. You believe Biden wants to defund the police. He wants to call the cops. The enemy, which he did the The day, leaving every citizen at the mercy of a socialist mob or a mob far worse than socialism was ever meant to be. I'm fighting against this horrible situation. I'm fighting and I'm fighting hard and I want the Republicans to get strong and tough And I want people that agree with being on the democratsside of which there are many. I think we're gonna have a tremendous Democrats surge We're actually doing in the real Poles were doing very well. We reviewed Poles this morning with different states. We're doing very well. By the way, you'll be happy to know what the state of Florida we're doing Great. You see the voters out there thousands and thousands of boats every weekend, and we appreciate it. But nobody has seen anything like it ever. And we have that in many other states with voters and bikers and everybody this a spirit that nobody's ever seen. I don't think we had anything like this even in the 2016 because they see what happened. President Donald Trump and a church in Florida today, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden put out a statement noting the rising Corona virus cases in Florida and blaming the president writing with over 232,000 cases in the state and over 4000 deaths in Florida. It is clear that Trump's response, ignore blame others and distract Has come at the expense of Florida families. Three surveys released last month showing President Trump trailing Joe Biden in Florida, including a Fox News poll that found the former vice president, leading by nine points. President Trump Talking about monuments and statues today in Washington on Capitol Hill, the House Appropriations Committee passed tomb or federal government spending bills for the next fiscal year, both with provisions dealing with statues connected to the Confederacy. Here's Democratic congressman Tim Ryan, who chairs the Appropriations subcommittee on the legislative branch. Bill includes long overdue language directing the architect to remove.

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