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Officially taking a commercial break And we're back Jamie. Oliver are in love and they're together after five years they're going to make this work the next day the first of two thousand eight. Jamie and his friends or going out to a house on Long Island before Jamie flies out to Utah to see his family. Oliver can't get time off work so he tells Jamie. Go with your friends. I'll see you when you get back from Utah. He even books trip up to Boston. The first trip where he'd efficiently see his official boyfriend. Jamie heads off to Long Island and Oliver goes back to his apartment. I just fell to my Inflated Mattress and that moment of realization that everything that I thought would never happen to me is happening to me now. I was so happy I started crying and it didn't make sense like why am I crying? If everything that I want to happen is happening I went back to work. and I didn't tell anyone yet. I didn't know I didn't know how to process it really. I didn't I don't know what to do with it. It was so foreign to me. It was so new to me. It was so strange. I didn't know what to do with it and a few days later. Two three days later Jimmy called My phone I was at work so I he left a message and he said he was at the airport flying to Utah and the message said he was so happy that he'd seen me in that we have been able to be open more each other and sort of like make decisions. I forget exactly what words he used but he said that you would see me soon. A few days pass an oliver is missing Jamie. Usually he tries not to reach out to him when he's with his family. But hate this boyfriend now so on his way home from work he calls him. He calls his boyfriend has mother answered and she knew who I was. Jamie's mother had never met Oliver but she told him. We've heard so much about you in the past few days. Which wow that feels amazing. It's real older. Just didn't want to interrupt family time I was I would call back later. And if she could tell Jamie I called and the phone one silent and she said he passed away this morning Jamie had suffered epileptic seizure. He'd been rushed to the hospital. He'd been in a coma and he didn't wake up Oliver's shocked genie's.

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