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This was one of those that makes you smile like this is why we do. This can to have nights like that. Where like we win a lot of bets on an island game and a lot of our listeners and viewers when as well and unanimously auto side that has a huge at the end and the coin flip lands. Are you know detroit has the ball. There would have been a lot of people. Said this would have been really interesting to see if they would've gone for two twelve point game to make ten numbers. Obviously eleven and a half Dan campbell an incredibly unpredictable head coach. I have no idea whether he would have called for and he could have done anything. You could have walked off the field at that point. Surprise me based on some of the decisions that we saw in lhasa. Pundit with nine minutes you prompted with nine minutes left down to three minutes left. Like what the dan dan equally remember did this in the first preseason game against the same kind of b. s. like. Come on man. I just don't i just don't understand what if you're gonna put with minutes left then you're done then you're done and that's okay like it's like you were longer biting kneecaps at that point at biter and punt with nine minutes left down by three scores. You can't do it like it's raining. You're turning the ball over and you can't stop aaron rodgers. the game is getting out of reach okay punt with nine minutes left whatever and then this like try hard. We can't win but let's get the ball back down. The stretch was really kinda rough. Also like the packers have to pass the ball for a touchdown on third and try to do that on third and two when it A running play gets a first down ninety percent of the time probably in that situation. You literally run all of the time off the clock except for the last thirty seconds but rogers had to take the shot. Obviously you'll talk about envious of his struggles like with these defaults for targets zero catch. I mean it's just you can do that with that once amazing to. I'll be honest though. So you mentioned. I was kind of negative. I don't think it was. It was that it's just like usually these kinds of games that start like this plot like this. They don't usually have this ending at all. Just be honest like very happy. We won like. I don't like to say things like we were on the right side. Are we were on the wrong. I have no idea they covered and we want money. So that's great. I think the weather for as much as we crap on weather and whether men and forecasts and all this stuff. I think the weather helped us in insane amount in the second half of last night's game 'cause that's like a kind of neck and neck game most importantly the lines are able to move the ball and score in the first half golf is playing outstanding. And then he was last night he was. Yeah roy rogers lifts his level of play and the lions i think actually could have matched in a lotta situations except literally for some reason. I don't even know why we didn't know this. Jared goff literally can't play when it's raining apparently ball slipping out of his hand multiple times. Where fumbling because with goffin like drafts really big as baby hands and that was like one of the reasons. Why maybe maybe. He's no longer the quarterback of the rams to listen. I'm five seven. It's not like a low. Neil okay like like you know what i'm saying here but i also don't play quarterback in the national football league so it's just it was. It was a situation where i was really happy..

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