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Two. This show you how. Mckeon go. Got the music. I can't believe I just heard somebody. They just don't have the athletes the Browns. I gotta tell you. I'm sorry. Hickey McKean again. I haven't won a game like a year two years, whatever it's been they've ripped off five. Now, I don't know what to do with myself. Iggy. Now. I mean, yeah, I think what you've seen more wins this year and what the past three years combined. Just some new fans out there who have quarterbacks. It's nice. It's nice, man. It is nice to to do this. I hope it stays this way. I hope chef was putting on the bad juju before he left when he started saying RG three I wanted to throw I wanted to drive to New York and throw them out of the studio. Oh my God. It just it feels so good to actually have a guy to talk about and to get excited about who actually leads the team. It's amazing. Isn't it Hickey? You had a question before before we roll on. And we get back to the calls here. Go ahead. Heck we'll stick with the Browns topic quickly say it real quick in their game today. They wore their all white jerseys asking if you have a home jersey, what's the point? You know, why don't you wear it at home? Well, there's been a couple of things to that one. The old Browns jerseys are a classic jersey. And there's always so many things you can do with c o Browne and burnt orange. Okay. There was a classic jersey. And some people thought that it had gotten a little bit boring. So when they were gonna redo the jerseys people were all mad cool Nike's gonna redo the jerseys now one of the major gripes back in the day and Mike Holmgren. This is the sit on down. So let me tell you a tale. Mike Holmgren have them always wear home whites all whites at home. And when the team was good no one cared like they did back in the eighty s a little bit. And then back in the old old days in the glory days. They did it and nobody cared because the team was good. So when they wore the home whites it didn't really matter. But when they suck it's just one more thing to bitch and moan about and it's one more thing that bothers you because they're not even wearing the Brown jerseys at home. And then they changed the jurors as people think they're going to be great. And then they roll out these things which are just an abomination of site. And now you're waiting for its two more seasons until they can actually change a jersey. I think it's the twenty twenty season they can wear a New Jersey. I think this might be the final year coming up in two thousand nineteen I might be mistaken about that. I might have lost count. I might be trying to hurry up the clock where they can change jersey, and they will be changing the jersey again. But honestly Hickey now they just wear them because it could be the least offensive thing to wear like some of their when they wear the all Brown's the all Brown jersey. I saw the pants are horrible. But when they wear the when they wear the all Brown jersey, the l- the numbers are hard to see for the broadcasters. It's hard to see the numbers because they mix together there. It's not just the different contrast to what you have with classic jerseys. Like what you see what the raiders? And what you see what the bears and the Packers and so on and so forth. So it's it's harder to see. And then there's just a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense. So usually they just try to keep it as lease defensive as possible. Does that make sense to you Hegi? I don't agree with it. But I guess I get it. Okay. No. I'm just telling you. That's the way it is. That's the way I see eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven when we get back to the phones here. Let me get to a rich and Ohio richer next up on CBS sports radio. Go ahead. Hey, what's up, Ken? How are you rich? I'm doing wonderful, my friend much better than I deserve. And thank you for the call. Go ahead. And what do you think Super Bowl? It's a good feeling look at this. This is like a Browns postgame show. All of a sudden, you see how this is going. I thought you were going to be I thought you were going to yell at me about the Steelers were Steelers fan. Do that. Because I listen to you in the morning when you guys do that. Because I'm actually an implant I'm not from Cleveland, I'm up here. And I'm a Steelers fan England. Era. Talk radio now because I'm I'm now living in the Cleveland area. Okay. The Browns growing on me. Listen, rich. I'll always always make jokes about Steelers fans, and you know, that in my in my own aunt, my dear beloved aunt, Cheryl, who's downton abbey. Ville South Carolina is a big Steelers fan as much as it hurts my heart, and I'll make fun of her too. But I try to respect what's going on. But I can't stand. What Ben Rothlisberger has become? I can't stand with that. Team has become right now not the organization because they have all the problems of a team. That's recently won a Super Bowl accept. They haven't done it. Rich. You're going to have to defend your team to me, sir. Yeah. I don't understand what's going on. I first of all I think Tomlin should have been fired here years ago. I think there's a time when you're they don't tune you out. I guess because his message just like the other twenty Antonio Brown. He's doing the speech after a game and Antonio Brown. Facebook live. That was that was something. I you know, when when a guy does something like that. I didn't get that upset about it at that time. I think you can look at that as an indication of things that have come sense possibly that's one of the things. But Antonio for the most part is handled his business out there in the field. I still go back to what's going on inside the locker room. You have so much talent. And I don't take you. You're the I take you maybe the fourth of the fifth most serious team in the AFC to go to the Super Bowl now. Which now watch out of spite you'll go to the Super Bowl. But you understand what I'm saying. I don't know, man. That's a tough up two games. They got coming up. We have the patriots next. And then you have the saints. Right. And then you close things out with the Cincinnati Bengals then the balance so the Bengals are garbage right now. So you don't got to worry about them. I still think rich the problem with what's going on. Now that you've lost three straight loss to a couple of teams the enrich. Thank you very much for the call. Is you beat if you get beat by the patriots, which my God, they're going to be out for blood now like they wouldn't be already. You get beat by the patriots. You get beat by the saints. And you beat the Bengals it's like you're backing into the playoffs. And for a team like the Steelers. That's that's unacceptable. You should be kicking ass and taking names if you're the Pittsburgh Steelers right now, and I got a quarterback who says I should be able to blame whoever. I want to blame. Great. What a great vibe you guys have out there in Pittsburgh. It's not they're paid professionals. They're adults. I know it's not all going to be ice cream, and peaches, I got that. But when you're when you're blaming after each other and going after each other I shouldn't say a couple of teams one poop team. The chargers are good. And I'm going to give the Broncos some respect. Jaguars should've beaten you in that is a poop team. But if you're backing into the playoffs here, I I should demand more audio and for the organization, maybe Mike Tomlin should be close to the to the chopping block right now. I think a lot of Steelers fans have wanted to fire Mike Tomlin over the last couple of years. So I remember driving back in here. And there post game shows a couple of times like a beep by Tampa Bay at home a few years back a couple of people. They've been wanting Mike Tomlin lot of people in one Mike Tomlin for a long time. I think the lesson and I brought up the Browns before in your own division has started to as certainly always confirmed the Rooney's to give more patients than what they should. Because you have one team that's traded coaches every other year. They never drafted the talent that the Steelers have had. But you've had guys be switched out every other year, and it hasn't provided any consistency. So they're going to be very careful about firing a guy, very careful, but you always have to still be drafting the talent. And when you're getting no leadership from that position. When you have guys who take things very personally, and they do, and they feel that they are getting personally slighted in the media by that guy. You're going to get the results you've gotten here over the last couple of weeks, if you're the Pittsburgh Steelers, Stephen accurate, you're next up on CBS sports radio. Go ahead. What's up, Ken? How you doing brother? Steve doing wonderful. Go ahead friend. Hey, I wanna talk about it. I I would love to talk Brown. How awesome? This organization is becoming go ahead. I don't care. Yeah. I mean dynasty. We'll win Dorsey. Steve steve. Yes, you're still a little ahead of yourself there. Okay. They've won five games are still under five hundred. Now, I'm excited to and I think you should be excited for the future. But let's hold back on the D word for just a moment. Okay. Baker Mayfield just answer with Bank. Doing what we're supposed to so far so far they're doing what they're supposed Cam. Or how we do that? Yes. They are. They are doing that. But we gotta we gotta hold back on words like America's team. It's not Dallas anymore now fans out there. See I I see it a little differently Steve. And I thank you for the call. I see it a little differently. I think Baker Mayfield rubs a lot of the national media the wrong way. I think a lot of people want to see him fail. They got a lot of people wanna see him fail. The Dallas Cowboys can't say they're always the good guy. But you might be looking at the bad guy right there. George in LA. He's not worried about the Ramsey's next up on CBS sports radio. Go ahead. George utah. Candidate these things happen. I figured they would lose twenty six degrees. I Bohm in the co this year for them. Besides the Denver game that was hurting the year. But so you thought they lose just because it was cold outside Steve hill. Yes, sir. And also because the fact that. Let me let me tell you. I go here. They ran the ball Gertie much much more McVay an off game and golf look terrible. But it happened. I mean, you know, the boat played well, but damn cargo has a better defense. But I don't see that happening again, particularly they pay in Los Angeles playoff Cam. Yeah. And the only team that's above you right now or the New Orleans Saints and they play in a dome anyway. So I guess that's really not gonna work out in any other direction. If you had to go to Chicago again, or he had to go to Seattle that could be a big problem. Minnesota plays in a dome and so does Dallas of just shakes out the top six right now. Boy, you really got it by the stones there. Don't you there? George. None. No, not can I think it happened. But but I'm just saying they had a bad game. It's going to happen. Maybe it's good for them to get a wake up, call and quit. You know act like, they're, you know, nobody can beat him. You know, I really thought I really thought they should've tried to run the ball little bit more. You're putting the ball in the air the defenses. It's cold outside. Just like what you said, George. How many times did they run the ball only like eleven how many times did they run the ball with Todd Gurley tonight? Lovin eleven. Yeah. And you know, McVeigh. That was killer. It's going to happen. You know, you're putting the ball in the it's not you're not then thank you for the call. Thank you, Georgia. You know, I appreciate when you call but solid you're down forty to nothing. Fifteen to six you really throwing the ball near that much. You could've kept ball control. Bisky is been he's just coming back. From injury was good right before the injuries just coming back from. And who knows what you're going to get out of him. Cold night coming back from a banged up shoulder, and he didn't look overwhelmingly Grayton his own right? You gave up one hundred one yards on the ground. You lost the turnover battle in that case with Jared Goff who threw four interceptions compared to Mitchell Trubisky three and.

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