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Movies. In theaters David Daniel says sort of an off week for new movie releases still there is one girl who will be in theaters. Her name is Hannah grace and her family was performing an extra system or something on her only movie opening in wide release this weekend is the possession of Hannah grace, the low budget horror flick focuses on a night shift morgue worker who learns one of the bodies in her care is inhabited by an evil presence. Analysts expected to debut with three to five million dollars far behind the weekend leaders, Rina's, an extraordinary passive. Status. I can tell even if I can't see the favorite opened on just a few screens last weekend with the best per theater average of any film in two years a Livia Coleman. Rachel vice and Emma stone or all earning Oscar buzz for the absurdist period piece, which expands to thirty four theaters in seven major US cities this weekend in Hollywood, I'm David Daniel, the creator of one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time has died. Correspondent John Stomas has more Bolaji. This study of its first grade SpongeBob, Patrick, I'm sorry. I doubted you the creator of the TV series SpongeBob squarepants, Stephen. Helen Berg has died. Due to complications from a LS. According to a release from the Nickelodeon television network. Berg who was fifty seven announced in two thousand seventeen he was suffering from the neurodegenerative disease. Also known as Lou Gehrig's disease SpongeBob as it is also known officially premiered on Nickelodeon in July of nineteen Ninety-seven and this year aired its twelfth season. Grab at Patrick. That's the name of the restaurant. A feature film called the SpongeBob. Squarepants movie was released in two thousand four with a sequel in two thousand fifteen I'm John Stolnis. No, you're not seeing double. If you've been to any basketball games at splendour Dora, high school in Texas this year, six sets of twins are hooping it up. Deborah Wrigley reports splendor highschool home, Wildcats basketball, home court of a dozen twins. We better thing we do court. Janet, Jacqueline raise fifteen years old both point guards on their team boy doing they're joined by twin Zoe and Macy's server both guards able to use their identical looks to confuse the opposition. Look when we're on the court so hard for them and tell the difference. Then there are the Ferrari Johnson brothers want to guard the other a forward who's a better player..

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