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I just really I find it really beautiful how we can take even the most harshest of our situations and recreate it into something beautiful like a maim talking about Rx interactions with something maybe depressed in something that may be to someone else like triggering like black is using like, I think people are so diverse. And so we're so good at taking almost anything about our lives, and our experiences in creating something beautiful magical and Notre for us to relate or express how we truly feel about that situation. Because as I said in discussed before that we've become numb to a lot of things, you know, since of negative things in in the media showcasing who we are in our yet. So like when I think the blackest said, I think that is just a reflection of how we express interact in engage with our everyday culture in experiences as a person of color. No. That makes a lot of. Since I mean, really, you know, when I think about that a lot of that has taken place, I feel an a much more widespread and almost viral fashion because of technology like think about paula's best dishes that hashtag where the the news. I came out about Paula Deen, like treating the servers and her savannah restaurant racist than saying the n word and stuff. And then, you know, yes, that's really bad. This is a woman who was a businesswoman. She's also a cook television personality, and then how people sort of turned it around mostly black people on Twitter turn that around to like this role league rock is. I mean, it went on for days, and it was hull Larry's all the different like paula's best dishes, basically taking a popular soul food dish. And putting like a slight little spin on it. You know, like K K, K, crab, cakes or. Or something like that. You know, this is just kind of just a little. The internet has no equal when none none. But then when you look at say, for example, how we kind of look at design is interesting. How black design aesthetics are always not always. But I would say by non black people tend to always veer towards the like harmful stereotype. Yeah. Like there was like an art directors club thing where this was maybe back in like, the mid two thousands or so, but they were trying to I guess emulate the whole pimp my ride acidic that was going on. And like they had someone on their ad campaign like wearing a backwards hat with a crossed arm. Pose a lot of rings and chains. And it's like we don't do that anymore. What are you doing like? Yeah. Oh god. Yeah. What's going on here? What is that? Trying to pander to the the more diverse audience. They would say, yeah. But it and And a lot a lot of time. of times on those same. There aren't many people colored to help say like, hey, dad's not what's in right now. And I don't think you guys did use that like is s when diversity comes back into who's on your team in how they can give their voice on that, you know, having, you know, that's the problem that a lot of I think designers colors all levels have a problem with is having a voice at the table, in know when instances like that come up, and you look back like what do they do that? Like, that's such a terrible stereotype of us. But again going back to being able to use the internet in knocked take things serious, and I see renaming that you know, in in creating something even more beautiful from the the ill design choices. They may have been put out from from a non diversity. Yeah. And when I say that I feel like, you know, Black Panther started to exacerbate it it's because this is something which had such mainstream. Peel, but was also very specifically a story about black people that I don't know the number of what Kanda thing are what Kanda esque kind of stuff that. I saw come out of that movie was amazing. It's like nothing I've ever seen before in terms of how people really latched on to the concept. I mean, just in general like the sort of I dunno technological pan African I mean, there was even a conduc on like there was a inch around. Yeah. I guess the concepts that spawned from from the movie, which is great, which is what I wanna see more of I want to see more of us getting inspired by us and moving the conversation forward into the future, and that sort of way..

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