Donald Trump, President Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed on AM Tampa Bay


Hi is only in the fifties. This afternoon. It's 61 degrees had news radio wofl A Donald Trump's lawyers have quit his impeachment case after the former president demanded they use an election fraud strategy that they advised against I'm Tom 48 days ahead of the second Trump impeachment trial. There are new lead attorneys for the former president. One team of lawyers left this past weekend political reporter Daniel Lippman pretty surprising move, given that there's only a week left until this trial's It's supposed to start. But it's not that surprising in that. Trump wants his lawyers to reportedly focus on his the bunked theories of election fraud. The new leads Trump attorneys will be David, showing off frequent television legal commentator on Bruce Castor, a former district attorney in Pennsylvania. Tom Foodie, CBS NEWS Washington Congress woman says she's moving her offices away from Marjorie Taylor Greene. Georgia congresswoman who's under fire for pushing conspiracy theories like you and on Cori. Bush claims Green attacked. Her outrage is growing against one of the former president's loudest supporters. Congress woman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has promoted false Cuban on conspiracy theories, and indicated support for executing Democrats, the idea that you're talking about members of the U. S. House of Representatives of talking about violence. That is, you know, it is almost beyond comprehension. And I think this is something the Republican Party has got to deal with. Kristina Ruffini. CBS News the White House There's been an apparent overthrow of the democratically elected government in Myanmar. Late Sunday, reports began to emerge that the military is staging a coup in me and more. Known as Burma in the United States, and that its leader, state councilor on Sans Souci, was detained under house arrest by communications were cut to the capital and U. N diplomats said on Sunday that it is likely that the U. N Security Council will hold a meeting this week to discuss the troubling developments. Mila.

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