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The WSB radio app. Welcome back alive, and Al Coretta. We don't have a lot of time here. So I want to get right to it. Jared. We have Jay black from Newell whatnot Baton Rouge. He's live in New Orleans at the moment, New Orleans. Top of in New Orleans on top of the roof of the hotel Monteleone right down the French quarter o- quarter. So are you telling me that Jay black was out on bourbon street last night? Jay black was out on bourbon street last night. Wishing Jared was there to tell me what was going on. Because I was. Because I was telling people here. I don't think j you don't drink. You know, I do not drink. So he doesn't drink. So you're a true observer on bourbon street was a wild. It's kind of like that last gasp before you go underwater for a little while you kind of take a big breath and art, let's do this. And then we put our head down and went down and talk to all the fans that were here. And there were a lot of them more than I thought would be down here last night UGA once again invaded a nice destination for big football game. Now as usual whenever I talked to black. There's something that I don't know. Why are we in New Orleans is this going to be in the super dome? No the game going to be in Baton Rouge were in New Orleans because that's what the dog fans all right now. Because if you're using. You to go. But New Orleans Baton Rouge, excuse me. I said if you're in Louisiana where are you going to go New Orleans or Baton Rouge? New Orleans unless the game that I was attending was in Baton Rouge. And that case Thursday Friday Saturday. So. All right. So what do you think about the game right now anything we should know how the red and black fans doing they're doing great? They feel very confident LSU's pretty good football team coming off a loss. They have not lost back to back games under coach at orange on yet. So that's an issue. It's in tiger stadium. Which is an issue. That's about a hundred thousand strong. So it's going to be Georgia's toughest opponent and their toughest road game of the season. But if you want to win the SEC and you wanna play in the playoffs. You gotta win these games. We're. We're better than they are. But they're desperate right after that loss. Oh, yeah. Because they when you're in the same division as Alabama. You can't afford to lose twice. So they can't afford to lose again, if they want to win the SEC, and they've got a very good football team actually have quarterback now in Joe borough, which LSU hasn't had an about forty years. So Joe Berle's pretty solid player. They've got a great defense as they always do certainly got the hands full tomorrow. Did you know.

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