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No, we're originally are you from ritual I cur. Everywhere but not everywhere, I grew up in San Bernardino. or how people like to say San Brandon? Ghetto. I was born in Glendora and then after that when we live in a month until I was like I don't know like two or something, and then we left to Mexico. So I lived in when what though for like. Since I was like two till I was six around there. and. Then we came back over here we lived in La. For like maybe like half a year and then that's when we moved to San Bernardino. San Berno Gada. Hey I. Love Iran Edina. Memories. Going to yes man it was dope. We saw go like when I was younger, we would go every two years but like living there, I remember my birthday was always my birthday November first so there was always like some type of Halloween or the other those shit going on I really liked that. And you know they celebrate the little. The owners they hook them up with all kinds of share I don't really remember too much but I remember like my birthday Halloween. would be standing right there like big I need. To make everybody. Who who are you? and. I remember. Just Everywhere like is very freely. It was not fleets kind of safe. We're just be everywhere I would love to go there when you celebrate nearly. To Watch that cartoon movie called. Cocoa. Cocoa pebbles such dope man left cocoa. When then became with them I was was just like. I love this I love the whole sugar skulls and the wear those my little girl was born on the other. Either get. More Halloween, my birthday, and she's wearing the other lawmakers you bring up Halloween. Holiday. Halloween. Halloween brought Martin. Halloween, I everything else curses all of Halloween. Plenty of growing up what was your favorite? Costume more dressed up like me give you mine and it became my because only that was same credit I'm GonNa put me on. What mom what am I going to be? I was a devil wants the two and we have a picture of was like a girl there whatever. But Yeah I just as a little devil. I had a lot of different costumes. I can't sit there and be like this was my favorite because. I just I love you could use up and all that I can't like. You're going to be this and you're going to be that. Love it also. So the following year, mom, what am I going to be? Three years in a row damn devil then when I grew up. was. I was a teenager I was always getting into trouble de told the Oslo I was like hey. This. Is. Exactly. Yeah. So now growing up. With your mother and father what type of music would you say you were raised with your mother and father play different music Yeah. My Dad was more like the com- stuff. But Like what like in the your but op Spanish? Obviously, there will listen to all the Spanish, the but I grew up listening to lake nona kind of hard like the same taste. To as we listened to gotTa that actually reminds me of living, in Mexico, let's that they wanNA. 'cause we were. All the time my mom cheetos. His Rossio Luca. Cello Does Not that's. What else? We only indio bring these. There's a lot. It was the Spanish. Shit. Later on when I started kind like catching my own type of thing that I started going up it was just like. US and The Spanish the yeah. Go to school medical. I went to kinder- in Mexico. Yeah. So when I came over here, I was very like King Louis. Shit I was kind of like the Awkward Child. Didn't. Talk to nobody 'cause. I didn't speak English I mean people spoke Spanish but like in school like English and. kind of like a loner a, but the beginning all. And obviously, you went to your high school in high school. Yeah? Okay what school did you go to for people that may be outdoor? Shannon Hills Middle School I went to Roosevelt Elementary School. And then from there I went to Shannon hills middle school. And High School I went to a Royal Valley High School one year. But then obviously, fucking when my parents like you're going to a continuation school. So I graduated from Powell Center. Charter school I guess if you WANNA call it and yeah class of. ood. Growing up that you play any instruments at all. My Dad was always like China make us do something so I remember. I school we got like because we have good grades or something know some bullshit, but we qualified to golden to play the Gordian. Freaking we took a few classes and right there learning. The three blind man is you know the basic shit and what's cool. But after I was just kind of like, this is too difficult for me like. So on, but that's about early on play accordion okay. I try I try and. At what point in your life? What would you say that you want it to start sinking? I know you said you, we're seeing your brand new accordion but was there ever a turning point where you said you know what I really WanNa do this. I've always saying. But your when when I was a after. Maybe like six seven years ago my friend. She. Hit me up and like, Hey, 'cause she's she. She was like, Hey, let's make a three long. She's like we don't even have to play the instrument they they play her and the other grow a play instruments. She played the violin and other completely w well, and I would just seeing. What the? Or sometimes, it would just be tracks and we'll see we started doing the whole House party thing and then that's when I was kind of like I like this like especially because. I..

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