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Pick for attorney general faces the Senate Judiciary committee, and that committee hearing for the nomination of William bar to be the next attorney general begins while in about an hour. I'll bring you the events as they happen. What I saw this story. My first response was they better have more stuff than what we see to say. We should open an investigation on a sitting president United States. I didn't see information there that led me to that judgment. Listen, Phil Mudd is one of the biggest critics in law enforcement of this president FBI guy from CNN. And that's what he said last night. I'll tell you how both explosive stories in New York Times and the Washington Post over the weekend, maybe blowing up the writers leakers and Trump haters. I like Lindsey Graham proposal, I think we should reopen the government for a three week period or a month bird and try to negotiate and what we should do is try to make some progress on some of the other issues that are involving immigration, Ed, Rendell. I always love hearing from him a democrat, but a reasonable one shut down twenty five days in and there's some sides both sides may be looking at a way out of bring you the latest. And that's what I think I I guess an informal gang of ten now. Now among the gang of ten prominent senators who have already spoken out and booking their party to a degree. Cory Gordon is on it. Joe Manchin, Senator Tillis is on for North Carolina. Senator coons so ten and ten gang a twenty sitting down saying, it's not hard guys. I'm not asking you to redo doc not talking about a pathway to citizenship for legal about talking about chain migration. I'm not talking about the lottery, I'm talking about giving the president close to the five billion in needs to do two hundred miles of barrier. Not even wall come. On don't tell me this is worth it. Because I know everyone's going to get paid eventually. But it doesn't matter what the interest on your credit cards. It doesn't matter for contractors when you're contracted to do something not paying you got hired by the government to do something. I hate the TSA the FDA already paying the price. You have a lot of border patrol people working without pay is for a great reason. I'm all for it. I want this thing built I want. Our our men and women at that border union, nonunion, whatever it takes saw solidifying in any way possible. I'm I'm for the technology. We all know the barrier works. Why do we have prisons? What are the Israelis use it to create some security? You know, why is it around people's houses? Don't insult people by saying it's not part of the issue. And by the way, Senator coons his Senator Warner admitted so much yesterday. I don't want to bore you with the posturing, I'm going to try to get all the political rhetoric out of this. And as people say, and we know the Democrats voted for in the past. We know what's personal the president. Having said that I want to talk about a solutions and Senator Mark Warner and Senator Lindsey Graham are talking about solutions to a degree. So here is Senator Mark Warner cut six with Cavuto yesterday. We need to spend more money on border security..

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