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Deeper into space than any spaceship designed to carry humans. Peter king, CBS News at the Kennedy Space Center. Traffic in weather on the a tiers Joe Fox, while places that you're not speeding into space are going to start on D.C. two 95 as you're headed northbound from suitland Parkway up to the 11th street bridge. They may be diverting you would probably be a good idea if they were, but it bottom lines you definitely can not get past Pennsylvania avenue, the northbound and it cost you a freeway slash kennel worth avenue completely closed as you had passed bending road. You can get back on it burrows should you choose to. Southbound at D.C. two 95 still very slow from eastern avenue down towards the police activity that they're under bending road. And then at east capital, it starts to pick up again. This is having quite the deleterious effect on the southeast Southwest freeway. You're going to be slow across the 14th street bridge from Pentagon city over the bridge, pass south capital street, and then across the 11th street bridge, third street tunnel lots of folks headed northbound towards New York avenue, which has its own set of work zones, one at bladensburg road, another at south capital, either way, it's a left lane getting by both of those. So getting through the district through northeast at this point, there's no really great way to go. The outer loop of the capital beltway and prince George's county is picking up a lot of bailout traffic, actually starts as you approach the Wilson bridge at telegraph road, it slows down on both the local and express lanes earlier we had an incident that was blocking Elena route one that's gone. You're going to back down again at branch avenue of picks back up at U.S. 50. Headed northbound BW Parkway, usual volume delays leaving NASA Goddard, southbound one 75 to 32, 95, a couple small slowdowns, but nothing to write home about on the American legion bridge side. We've got a crash on the two 70 spur that's causing delays all the way back to route 7 in Tyson's 66 moving better than it was with the earlier crash at one 23 cleared. 95 south on slow across the aqu qan northbound, your slow spotsylvania to center port and then again from Springfield from newington to Springfield. Joe Fox WTO traffic. Busy busy, thanks, Joe. Now let's get over to storm P four meteorologist tomorrow Theodore hey Samara. Hey, you can't really beat this weather. Absolutely beautiful out there as we head through the afternoon. The remainder of the

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