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Yeah but that's that's on the part of of the jets obviously there's some disappointment in the fact that they didn't tell you what i mean you look at that way by forsberg typifies his instead of thinking about hat trick he dishes off to orbits to make sure the goal time fifteen fifty eight it's an empty never arvidsson now as to tonight forsberg also with two and that'll be set up by philip forsberg and it's something that they talk about the locker room saying hey we got to perform tonight we're our top line we've got to get it done buffalo and took a two minute roughing minor on the back end of that play so this is nashville first power play breads leading four nothing four minutes to go an hour their first power play hockey game ryan ellison center this is a power play where he almost just wanna keep the puck on your stick systems will send it in breads pursue and it's smacked out of there by adam lowry l also pick it up times a wasted and that's just fine for nashville they don't need a power play goal they just need to make sure nothing goes the other way well here's something to nashville on the power play you know you wanna try that if you're winnipeg you want to try to gain some type of momentum some type of good feeling but when you're killing a penalty and nashville not really putting a ton of effort on their power play well it's tough to really gain any kettle momentum if you're the winnipeg jets and a good feeling or you know getting ready for game seven here's pk sue ban up through center and made one extra move.

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