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It was like a bright red. And like i had to go through and scrape the walls down and have repainted them and i had to go through with a fine brush at the top to cover up the red line. From where you could still see the the walls through it and it took like three or four coats to cover up the colour. I didn't video all that. But i will be doing. What's the room has done a nice room to or the way i set it up in then like buying action figures and memorabilia and collectibles and comic books. If you're into that kind of stuff this is the and stuff. That's watching that name. And it'll be a glimpse of and to me and my wife's life a little bit when we go to akia you can get a glimpse into drag on. We just go in different places. Maybe i'm not going to disney this year but coming up. Maybe they'll be. I got some old video from the opening day of galaxies edge. I'm thinking about splice together. Kind of show show videotape from galaxy's edge at disneyland. We were their opening day and I don't think i've ever shared videos. I may splice that together and just make a little video for anyway. That's my spiel for that. And that's all you have to pay like fifteen bucks to hear heath tell you stories about you. Know independent wrestlers it but for a dollar you can watch me play with toys furniture. I give out some stuff for dollar to. Yeah you know but you you kind of make sure that you know i got. We got stuff at different lump. You cover you cover the people that might won't come in for a buck here. You talk crap about them when you put if they want to they gotta pay if they listen if they want to hear me talk junk. That's a dollar. You wanna hear advice cost you. I had somebody. I- legit one of our patrons. I had posted something and it was like booking ideas or something and he told me he's like you need to be charging more for this like you're giving away this at much more than a dollar for dollar you can watch me play with toys for fifteen dollars but this is the wrestling podcast. We talk about the wrestling. You grew up with the wrestling. Need watch now and but so So behind the scenes mark. Join me Extreme world wrestling launched their new tv show on spectrum in the charlotte area mark. Watch that first episode of this morning on behind the scenes and did a watch along and gave some constructive criticism and we were surprised by the finnish. You that main event. No spoilers years various surprise. No spoilers join me on and stuff and you did little unboxing stuff. Yeah yeah yeah. And i think i was excited. But like those those two auctions. It was so quick because it was just happened to jump on ebay. See as like all these auctions are almost done bouma got some cool things so check that out. If you want to know what those cool things are you know a dollar a month. Yeah you can see.

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