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For for. La Played Really. Well it had a great game the safety he's going to be a top ten pick. Did nobody tell Jerry. Did nobody tell Jerry Judy how highly he was going to be drafted and tell tell him to sit out the virgo. Nobody did nobody get in his ear. Todd come on come on I mean I love it again bump if his dad I'm saying don't play but I love the fact that he played in. Every evaluator loves the fact that he played. He had nothing that he had to show show or play for. He's a top ten. Pick he in CD LAMB or two receivers. That really had not very at least. CD was playing in a semi final the game for Oklahoma right so it was understandable and everyone expected him to play Jerry. Judy only out there and playing against Michigan. I thought it was awesome. I love that. Could this could this could this be an AJ green. Julio Jones situation with the two of them yeah absolutely I think those are the top two guys who I coltie Martin is going to be coming out of Clemson but but I think Judy's in twenty years of evaluating wide receivers evaluating players I. He's the best route runner I've ever evaluate. Yeah WanNA draft Clayton up the biggest. He's not the fastest. He's GonNa run a four and five and it's all good. He's he's just like Marvin Harris knows how to get open. He knows how to get open. and CD is great after the catch and is tough and physical and does all the little things but those two guys are in my opinion. Both were top ten picks all right last couple of questions for you. Todd you hear anything about Lincoln Riley maybe going to cowboys anything at all on that front. I haven't heard anything. I haven't heard I've heard some other names. I mean I've I've heard his name. I didn't talk to him about it. He he was asked the question in. He couldn't have run away from the question fast enough obviously he did not specifically say that he was not taking aching job or would not be interested in he just ran away from the question. And then last thing for you I give you Three I put you to desk. I give you a sharpy. I'll give you a pencil and then a pen in an old Jar Container of of Whiteout which kids might not know but I give you. I gave you those three items. What you used to write down Joe borrow and chase young one two in the draft? What are you do sharp now? Do you didn't even stutter. That's going to happen. Borrow bengals chase young redskins. That's the way it's going to go and you can play his back. Just like someone's GonNa play back Martin Winston Watson stuff. Sure got it todd. I loved everything you did the here. And you're on On the call my son and I watched the Orange Bowl was great. Good Times a happy new to you. Of course happy New Year to you and yours. Let's chat Often often place look forward to catch. You got right back at you. That's todd mcshay at mcshea. Thirteen sharpie quick story a quick story based on what he said about Joe Borrow. I was just a newbie though. He's a veteran evaluator. Football Standing Standing My First Super Bowl. I super bowl that I was covering for. NFL Network first time ever on a field for super bowl because we were doing. The Post is game. Show the we being me and Solomon Wilcutt. s- oh solid man. They say director's chairs on me and him as the NFL films crew. That was working. The international channel feed were the ones who stuck around to broadcast it. Because del Tufo and the rest of the NFL network. Gang was off to the protocols. That for that I stayed behind standing there. You heard how he said that Joe Borrow through what he said a fifteen yard In cut so what. He said something like that something like that and he took the hit and as he released it was heading straight for an Oklahoma sooner until one of his receivers just came and swooped in. Oh okay. She's thrown into a spot. He's trusting trusting is receiver. He knows the route he knows the coverage. He knows he's going to take a hit. He's delivering the number of times. I watched Tom Brady. Eighty matriculate the ball down the field against the Carolina Panthers in the last possession of that super bowl that wound up with another vegetarian game winning field goal for a super bowl. All the number of Times Brady let the ball go took the head and I thought they are goes in interception. There's the game and a member of the Patriots receiving core just zipped right and and caught the ball for perfectly run route and throw. I lost track telling demand everybody calls this guy a Tom Brady like talent. What a huge compliment? And of course a huge potential the anchor going into your professional playing career but he is off the charts good and two if two is going to be sitting here right Mike now getting an opinion from a doctor saying come. April can't guarantee you. Now I can sit here. And wonder why he would consider going back to Alabama but if I was him and he went back to Alabama. I would say guess what I`Ma Coaches assistant and I'm going back to school like Thornton Melon. I might do the triple Indian the pool. That is all I'm going to do because he thinks you know what. I can't risk getting a medical report in April that there's another eight months to go. He can't risk that. And then there's the biggest question mark of him. What can he do after being gone for as long as he was gone? But I would still. I don't know is I just told you. Evaluators are going to WANNA draft them. Owners are going to WanNa half are are going to fall in love with them and so will coaches and they're all GonNa look at the medical staff and say. Tell me something good. Wow that's all common Monday. Your phone calls at eight four. Four two zero four rich coming up next on the rich Eisen show. 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